The Garden View

The other morning I opened the front door, and was just so thankful that I have such a pretty garden view right now. I thought I’d share it with you.

The view to the left:


The view straight ahead:



And over a little farther to the right:


(Mr. Monk still enjoys sniffing around a little bit.)


He doesn’t mind at all when I yell to “get out of there.” He can’t hear that well.

Each of these marigold plants looks like a bouquet!




Here’s what I was trying to show you–these green plants (sweet potato vine?) grow so quickly that they just dwarf the lantanas. But up close I can still enjoy them!


A new old garden ornament. I’ve had this guy for years. I forgot to move him outside this summer:


“Mom, blogging is BORRRRING!!!”


Look at these huge fluffy sunflowers! I bought them at the farmer’s market.


And the latest project at Casa Debby? Repairing the deck. All those new boards were where the boards were missing or rotted through! I should have taken a before picture. MLG is multi-talented! He did this job too! Tomorrow he will stain it. And we talked about an even bigger, more exciting project! I’ll let you know if that actually starts happening.


At the same time as MLG was power-washing the deck, the electrician showed up! He replaced some burned out plugs, and next week he will put in some new fixtures that are long over-due. I am going to get track-lighting in the dining room-turned studio. It will be wonderful to have good lighting in there. Gotta tell you, with these two guys working simultaneously on the house, I SOOOOOOO wanted to stress eat. All I ate was an extra gummy calcium. Pretty good, huh?

And that’s how its going around here. Have a nice weekend everybody!

12 thoughts on “The Garden View

  1. You know, you’re right. I never sit out there. I have an adirondack chair. I need to paint it so its more inviting. I do walk out several times a day and just enjoy it. I wish you could come and enjoy the peace with me for a little while!

  2. Your garden looks so, so gorgeous! I’m happy you’re so pleased with how everything has turned out; MLG + you = a good team!

    The marigolds are really pretty. I swear, the ones here don’t look anything like yours; I’d plant them if they looked like that! And of course, the trio who are just waiting for you to give them some attention (that they so richly DESERVE) makes me smile. 🙂

    • You know, I’ve never had luck with marigolds before either. I love these big cream colored ones. And even the little yellow ones I planted underneath the tomato plants are pretty.

  3. Oh my gosh – Debby, your garden is glorious! How big is it? I have trouble seeing the scale in my mind. I have a Jim Shore statue in my garden, too. A little kitty, although he is pretty faded now.

    • Oh, thank you so much Lori. Coming from the gardening expert, that is quite a compliment. I think the fenced in part of my yard that you are looking at is probably a quarter acre. The fence ends right behind those two storage shed buildings. So the three “stone” bed areas are spread out, and then in between (not pictured) are some of my Japanese maples and then the hydrangeas and camelia bush that went in the ground this year. Anyway, its more than enough for me to take care of! I actually have 2 1/2 acres of property here. Right now I am not tempted to fence more in and build more gardens. (The deck is on the other side of the house, the ‘au natural’ part of the property.)

  4. Garden envy! But I do think I’ve figured out where to visit on my next vacation! 🙂 (If MLG has finished staining the deck, that is, because I figure that’s where I’ll be sleeping.

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