Fun in the Garden

I went out to the garden to take a picture of one flower (I thought, ooh, gotta share this one with Lori,) and then found the “close up” option on my camera. I’m having fun playing with this new camera. If only I would read the instruction manual, I bet it’d REALLY be fun…

Here’s the flower I wanted to share. Its a Shasta Daisy, but so much more fun than the Shasta Daisies we had growing up. I got two of these plants to put in the corner garden where the tomatoes are currently residing. They are supposed to be deer resistant. We’ll see about that…


Next up, pansies. Aren’t pansies just marvelous? They look like they’ve been painted by someone. Well, as a matter of fact, they HAVE been painted by Someone!


I replanted the little plot outside the front door. The pansies will be so cheerful in the spring!


This is the first year I’ve kept a fuchsia alive for the whole growing season! It is enjoying the cooler weather of fall. Unfortunately, it won’t so much enjoy the frost we get in winter…


And the coleus, that had just about died at the end of summer, has made a re-appearance!


Nice color combo, don’t you think?


I am anxious to re-plant other areas of the garden (I have 150 bulbs to plant!!) but I just can’t bring myself to take these annuals out yet.


This plant was a big surprise. It was just a few sticks when I bought it in the spring. It has gotten quite huge, and is a prolific bloomer through all three seasons. Its called a Flowering Maple (Chinese Bell Flower).


There was a bee buzzing around the salvia. I had fun trying to get a good picture. Not quite as proficient as Lori with her close-up shots!


Its a beautiful color though. I think this is a plant that will come back. I have really enjoyed its beauty this year.


And more shots of my favorite lantana.



And this little plant has just steadily produced blooms all summer. It seems to be enjoying the cooler weather too.


And that’s the garden report for this weekend. I have some little plants to get in the ground, including some snow peas (yumm!) but I have to wait for some of the other plants to die so I will have room for them. That sounds rude, doesn’t it? But that’s life.

I have lots more to say about diet and food and aging and life, but I am having a hard time making myself take the time to write. How do you all do it?


14 thoughts on “Fun in the Garden

  1. Debby, your flower photos are GORGEOUS!! Wow!!! Very impressed with your photography skills AND your garden – it’s just so beautiful.

    Haven’t seen fuchsia in a long time – my mom always had a couple of those plants when we lived in Santa Clara.

    As for finding the time to write, I am more creative in the mornings…so if I can stop reading blogs and actually write, I get some decent posts written. If I mess around and don’t, I tend to struggle, and also I want to knit in the afternoons, not write. Can I just do a wordless post with sweater progress? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Interesting about creative writing in the morning. I was just thinking that I think I need to move my computer. The sun comes in directly through the window that the computer sits in front of by 9am. So I have to move away from the computer for a few hours, and then its all over. I am really going to make an effort to move things around in the next few weeks.

      Yes, the bay area, where fuchsias love to grow! And they come in so many specialized colors and varieties. I used to LOVE to grow them when I was a kid.

      Oh, and yes, I agree. The afternoon is for sitting in the big chair with Monk and a fiber project of some sort!

  2. Loved touring your garden AGAIN. It’s almost as if your flowers were producing their most spectacular hues just for the camera and before their demise.

    • Glad you enjoyed! Yes, some of the hues were truly spectacular. There was a petunia that was gorgeous, but for some reason the color did not read right on the camera.

  3. I was just drooling over the beauty of your garden… and those pansies are especially drop-dead gorgeous!! I’ve raised pansies before, but have never seen that color combo. Just… Wow!

    • So glad you enjoyed it! You probably noticed I am usually encouraged by your blooming posts to go out and enjoy my blooms.

      I didn’t really appreciate the shasta daisies when I was growing up. I love this fringed variety. I really hope it does well here.

  4. As far as taking time to write – I don’t!! At least not lately. Haha! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I would love to spend an afternoon sitting in your garden with a cup of tea just soaking it all in. Very nice garden you and MLG have created!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Gorgeous! Glad you identified that daisy as a friend just got a bouquet with them in it and asked me if I knew what it was – now I do!

    I always buy 2 fuschia for my front porch hangers every year. This year our July heatwave killed them dead. Love them though so I’ll buy them again next year.

  6. Debby,
    Your garden has really turned out very pretty. I love your Saint Frances. What kind of camera are you using? I am thinking of getting a better camera and you are taking some beautiful pictures with the one you have.

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