About that Low-Fat, Sugar-Free Baking

Its not the same. You know that, right? When you see those 37 calorie brownies on Facebook, they are not the same as the 900 calorie brownies that you can also see on Facebook. Without sugar and fat, baked goods might look the same, but they do not taste the same. They do not have the same mouth feel. They also do not leave you with the never-ending wanting for MORE.

The "37 calorie brownies." (I ran them through calorie count and they are closer to 50 calories...that's another thing. Don't take anybody's word for the calorie count that seems too good to be true. Check it out for yourself.) I did follow this recipe. My brownies looked nothing like the picture on Facebook.

The “37 calorie brownies.” (I ran them through calorie count and they are closer to 50 calories…that’s another thing. Don’t take anybody’s word for the calorie count that seems too good to be true. Check it out for yourself.) I did follow this recipe. My brownies looked nothing like the picture on Facebook.

So that’s why I choose to do most of my baking low-fat and sugar free. I love the luxury of having a scone for breakfast every morning if that’s what I want. I enjoy having a brownie with some decaf coffee for my dessert in the evening. I can have both of those every day if I want to (I do not want to LOL.)

But as long as I have been doing this, I am still suckered in by the photos that look deceptively similar to their high-fat, sugar-loaded cousins. Its okay that they taste different. It would be better if you knew that before you tried them so that your first reaction is not disappointment.

Apple Custard –this was a really good recipe! It has a little fat (from whole eggs) and a little sugar (honey,) but it was not the same as “real custard” made with full fat milk and sugar. Still an excellent value at 150 calories for a large serving. It made the whole house smell delicious! I had it for dessert AND for breakfast. Not on the same day.


Here’s the original recipe. I see that I “healthified” it quite a bit. Here’s my version.

12 thoughts on “About that Low-Fat, Sugar-Free Baking

  1. The brownies are not so appealing to me. I also am careful to check serving sizes. I see some websites that post desserts and then have them cut into 50 pieces for servings. They obviously do not understand what a serving size is…

    Now the apple thingie – that is something I like!

    • LOL at the serving size. I forgot to mention that. One of my pet peeves. Anybody can make something low calorie if they cut it into tiny little pieces. That’s no good.

      And yes. The brownie is definitely sugar free. It is very chocolaty though. You would love the apple custard. So fall-ish. A good trade-off with the pumpkin treats!

  2. I think if you go into something knowing it’s “healthified” the taste won’t be bad, but if you are expecting something full fledged, and get a diet version, then usually all you can taste is disappointment.

    • If its just something I’ve made up, I know pretty much how its going to taste. But when I see a picture, I am still fooled into believing that THIS ONE just might taste like the real thing.

  3. I have to beg to differ on this one Debby……i would rather have the real thing just less often….as a treat …as they were meant to be…….Hugs! deb

    • Yeah, obviously I have a problem with the “less often” part of that. I did the “real thing” baking for a very long time. I was really good at it. But I never got the “less often” part of that down LOL. Thus the issue with my weight.

  4. Debby…I agree with you that one just needs to pare down what you can without losing flavor, then just enjoy it on occasion. Will try the apple custard…I’ve never tasted anything made with apples and cinnamon that tasted bad. YUM!!

    PS am still enjoying your header photo of your spectacular lantanas. mickie

    • I’m glad you are enjoying the lantanas! I thought about changing it, since its fall. But they are still blooming in my garden, so decided to keep it a while longer.

  5. I’m on the “other” side. If I bake something like brownies, I do them “the full monty”. I don’t like the fat/sugar free versions. A famous baker said once that if you bake something, use the real products, otherwise don’t bother bake at all. I don’t bake that often but if I do it’s with real butter, real sugar and definitely bad for my weight LOL.

    • Its better for me to buy a single serving of the “real thing.” Right now (I might change my mind any day!) I enjoy having something baked for breakfast rather than oatmeal or yogurt or whatever. So even though my scones and baked oatmeal don’t have much fat in them, they still are really enjoyable for me. Even tho I use a lot of splenda, I understand why people don’t like it. But for the most part my low fat recipes have all “real” ingredients in them. They’re just different real ingredients LOL.

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