AIM: The Thankful Buffet


Thankful…thankful…what am I thankful for? …mentally drumming fingers on imaginary desk…

As usual, I have procrastinated my AIM post until the very last day. Which means I was reviewing the chosen topic while listening to the sermon in church this morning. Why yes. I CAN mentally multi-task. Why do you ask?


Back to the topic at hand. My AIM pals suggested we use our November post to discuss what we are thankful for. And since our acronym stands for “Adventures in Maintenance,” I decided to limit my thankful choices to those that directly pertain to my weight loss and maintenance.

The first thing I thought of surprised me. Pain. I am thankful for pain. Let me clarify. I 100% know that my pain is nothing like the pain that many people live with. Most days I don’t even think about taking ibuprofen for it. But what I mean is that the pain in my back and my knees is pretty much a constant reminder that it is imperative that I maintain my weight loss. If I was still carrying that 100 pounds around, I’m not sure I could even manage to walk. So the daily pain is a gift that reminds me gently to stay on the straight and narrow when it comes to food choices and food volume.

The next thing I thought of was that I am thankful for my willingness to be flexible in regards to trying new foods and food combinations. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I have an adventurous spirit. But I sure do eat some “funny foods” these days. To be honest, I don’t always put a picture of some of the stuff I eat on the blog because it doesn’t look that appetizing. Tonight I had a mix of pear sauce, cottage cheese and walnuts. It looked like the gruel they served the orphans in the movie “Oliver!” But it was a taste treat–something I look forward to on Sunday evenings, along with my rutabaga oven fries (another food I didn’t try until I was 58 years old!)

The third thing I am extremely thankful for? It appears that I have “beat the odds.” If the literature is right, only about 5 percent of people who lose weight will keep it off. It was almost 9 years ago when my friend invited me to a Weight Watchers meeting and I started this last journey down the scale. There have been many twists and turns along the way, but I lost 100 pounds, and as of last month, that 100 pounds is still gone.

Fourth, I am extremely thankful for the real pals I have garnered through this blog and the whole healthy living/weight loss/weight maintenance blog world. Its so fun to be able to talk with friends who REALLY get what its like to STILL struggle with life after “morbid obesity.” Its not the same as for other people. Its not even the same for each of us. But the understanding is there. You all know who you are–I treasure your friendship.

And I can’t talk about being thankful without asking myself the question: WHO am I thankful TO? I am thankful for all these things and so many other blessings in my life to my God and my Savior, the One who created and sustains me. Thank you, Lord!

Be sure to check out my AIM compadres. Its fun to see how each of us have a different view of the same topic!

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14 thoughts on “AIM: The Thankful Buffet

  1. being thankful for pain I can so relate to.
    my back has been KILLING ME and while it’s my struggle these days it’s also a reminder I am sitting working too much.

  2. Interesting that we both referenced pain/injury in our thankful post…not gonna say one word about age. 😉

    And yes, you have definitely beat the odds when it comes to keeping your weight off! That alone should make the news, for real!!!

      • I had to go back and look! Yes, I knew that that phrase “food glorious food” resonated with me. I think our whole family could sing that whole musical. One of my favorites of all time! Oh, completely unrelated but interesting fact: our most famous top winning Cocker Spaniel was named Ch. Alorah’s Artful Dodger!

  3. That’s three of us that have mentioned pain! Thank you for your take on it. I had never thought to be thankful for it and I think that is worthy of some thought and meditation.

    I am also grateful I got to meet you in person this year 🙂 Makes your posts even that more meaningful to me.

    • Yes, isn’t it so much fun when you can see the person’s smile and see the kindness in their eyes as you read their writing? That was so worth the day to spend the time finding you in Pittsburgh and laughing over lunch!

  4. We so need to have an AIM meetup somewhere with all of us.

    I get that you are thankful for pain. Makes you more appreciative of all the good things.

  5. YEA for this blog! It expresses so well the things I, too, am thankful for….especially the pain part. Like you, without my 150+ lb. weight loss, I probably would need assistance (A Walker? A Wheelchair???) just to walk today. But WITH the loss, I am able to walk long distances in a single bound….much like Superman. Oh yeah, I’ve still got bad knees and sometimes aches and pains in other places too, but it’s a pain I embrace because it means I’m still MOVING!!!

  6. Really interesting to me that several of you mentioned pain. I think sometimes we think when we get to maintenance it’s going to be all rosy – a thing like pain would no longer be in the picture. But to be thankful for it is a whole other story!

    People like you, who have beat the odds give the rest of us hope for sure.

    • Maybe that was on my mind because I’d heard and read several sermons about pain lately. Anyway, its a change in attitude for me to be thankful for it too.

  7. Interesting that you are thankful for the pain as a reminder. My hub has pain every day in his foot and I am afraid he won’t agree on this 🙂

    Also great to see everyone I’ve read so far from this wonderful group is thankful for the internet friends they got through their blog. I have to agree a 100% on this. That’s something I’m grateful for too.

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