This picture makes me very happy. Mr. Monk has been having a tough time lately. His arthritis, especially in his rear legs, became very severe a couple of weeks ago. And then a “sports injury” to a front leg (he jumped off of a chair. yes, I know I shouldn’t have left him up there unattended…) aggravated it to the point where he was having a hard time walking.

He was already taking glucosamine. The vet added rimadyl, but it didn’t seem to be
helping at all. In fact, he was getting worse by the day. So back to the vet, who added an opiate (who knew?) After a couple of VERY UNCOMFORTABLE days, and an increase in ย the opiate, Monk has had a few days where he seems relatively comfortable. When I heard a familiar gnawing on the bone, I turned around and was so happy to see him enjoying a chaw. I love this old man a little too much.DSCN0491

19 thoughts on “Happy

    • All four of my dogs love these particular bones. They are Nylabone brand, but the “dental” type–they have bumps and ridges on them. They are the only ones I buy now.

  1. You can never love your dogs too much! Our time with them is always far too short. I’m glad he is more comfortable!

  2. As you know Rn here , but I know that some of the holistic stuff works sometimes better or just as well. If Atlanta can have a holistic vet , I think California probably has a few. I just happened to go to a holistic vet a few years ago who used Acupuncture, acupressure, homeopathy, reiki, and kinesiology ( among other things). I witness and experienced with my own pet and those of friends how well acupuncture / acupressure can work for arthritic pain in animals. I’ve seen dogs that could barely walk , start walking after one treatment. I held my cat while she got acupuncture (for renal failure) and felt her body relax and feel better. She still had the traditional medicine treatments , but the immediate relief came from the acupuncture. Just saying.

    • Thanks for that idea! I actually had it at one point–kinda flitted in and out of my brain. I checked the internets, and it appears the only canine acupuncturist is in southern CA (2 states away LOL) I am going to talk to my vet about it and see if he’s ever heard of local acupuncturists working on dogs.

  3. It’s sad when our furry friends begin to go down. I’ve also heard about success in the use of acupuncture for dogs with hip issues. I have used a heating pad and massage…they love the rubbing and it helped me to know I’m easing their pain. Keep us posted on this little guy.

    • This post makes me happy too! Mr. Monk is sweet.

      (Since I can’t leave a reply on my own, I’m using Carla’s comment ๐Ÿ™‚ )

      • LOL. Is WordPress being difficult this morning?

        @Carla–I think glucosamine does wonders for dogs. Sadly, it does not work for me.

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