AIM: Letters to Santa


Dear Santa,

I’m supposed to write a letter to you this Christmas. After years of buying my own Christmas presents, I’m finding it hard to write to you about what I am wishing for. Maybe if I just chat with you for a while about things we have in common, I’ll feel more comfortable sharing my material wishes.

Can I speak honestly with you, Santa? I feel like we have a LOT in common. Thank GOODNESS no one has taken it upon themselves to write a poem about me. But if they had, they might have included several similar lines–that bit about the jelly belly, and laughing a lot. And then that  reference to being chubby and plump! Don’t you find that irritating? I mean, what right do they have including that description of you in a poem about all the good you are doing all over the world??

Anyway, let’s talk about my favorite subject: food!! Specifically, COOKIES. How do you do it? Sometimes I can avoid the beastly things–I just don’t go to some functions that are all about the cookie. And sometimes I can ignore them–like not looking to that side of the church (where the cookies are served) when the service is over. But if I was faced with free cookies hundreds of times in a single night, and especially when I was working and stressed and tired, my defenses would wear thin, and the cookies would eventually win out.

So what do you do? Do you eat cookies all night long on Christmas Eve, and then moderate your intake for the rest of the year? What are your thoughts about the addictive qualities of sugar? Some folks even call it toxic! Do you think that could be true? And what about that combo of fat-sugar-salt? All the best cookies contain these three ingredients! Do you find them as irresistible as I do? What’s the answer, Santa? I really want to know.

Can I share with you some of the things I have tried? This recipe is the most delicious and healthiest cookie recipe I’ve ever made. Its not calorie free, though. Which, of course, is why it tastes so good. But at least you can feel virtuous as you indulge. And that Katie–she has a LOT of dessert recipes on her website. To be honest, some of them look better than they taste. And some of them have a lot of calories. But some of them are really tasty, and she has single serving recipes. And that works really well for me. If I know the recipe is there, it is like a safety net. It is there in case I just HAVE to have something sweet. And its a single serving, so if I do make it, there are no leftovers calling to me from the back of the freezer. The other day, after a long workout at the gym, I wanted a cupcake. I even went to the cupcake shop. But they didn’t have their cupcakes made yet. So I went on home. And I thought about cupcakes all day long. Then I remembered Katie’s single serving cake recipes. And THEN (and I don’t know if this is good or bad, Santa) I googled “single serving buttercream frosting.” And do you know, they have a recipe for that on the internets? It might not be the very best choice, but I am thinking that when I really really want a cupcake, this is a good option. By making it at home I have control over the ingredients, and especially over the portion size. Because Santa, if they give me a big cupcake, I am going to eat it. Does that make me a bad little girl?

Thanks for listening, Santa. I feel better just talking over my cookie issues with you. I think I’ll be able to take care of Christmas myself this year. And have Mrs. Santa make some of those healthy cookies for you later in the year when you are needing a little treat. After all, a whole year is a LONG time to wait for a cookie!

Love, debby

Please join in with your thoughts about cookies and sugar. I’d really like to hear what you think. But remember, be nice! After all, it is Christmas, and Santa’s elves, Grumpy and Jeevy, are watching and listening!

Be sure to check out my AIM friends for their letters to Santa. Its like getting a little glimpse at the inner workings of the mind of a long-time weight loss maintainer!

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AIM: Adventures in Maintenance is Lynn, Lori, Debby, Shelley, and Cammy, former weight-loss bloggers who now write about life in maintenance. We formed AIM to work together to turn up the volume on the issues facing people in weight maintenance. We publish a post on the same topic on the first Monday of each month. Let us know if there is a topic you would like us to address!


13 thoughts on “AIM: Letters to Santa

  1. Cute letter. One of my kids asked if I will be making peanut butter balls again this year, “Mom, you HAVE to!!” and I agreed that I will. I also decided I will figure out what I love to make, make some and then give a lot of it away like I usually do anymore. 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

    • This year, that is my strategy too! I made my grandma’s cinnamon walnuts for Thanksgiving, and gave 90% of them away. And I’ve decided that for Christmas, I will make my grandma’s original shortbread recipe (sentimental much?)

  2. The single serving buttercream frosting google made me laugh out loud. But you know, if only making a single serving allows you to have a bit of something you enjoy every great once in a while, it’s not a bad thing! I’m sure Santa does have a belly like a bowl full of jelly because of all those cookies – wouldn’t we all?!!

    • That’s how I feel about it. Instead of obsessing over the frosting on cookies or cupcakes in the store, now I know how to make it. I still won’t have it very often at all. But somehow it decreases the obsession, just knowing I have the answer there!

    • I don’t know how my parents came up with those names. When I google them, I can’t find anything! LOL at a Buddy the Elf quote.

  3. Ha!!! I love how you’re giving suggestions to Santa about cookie recipes! It’s funny how Christmas music has changed over the years. I was listening to the Frank Sinatra-era Christmas music channel on Sirius yesterday and this song came on with the lyric, “Here comes the fattest man in town!” I was like…what?? I understand he was talking about Santa, but it made me reflect on the current state of obesity in our country and how there would probably not be a song out like that these days. Can you imagine someone doing a remake of THAT song?

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