A Sixty’s Eve Birthday

I’ve heard some women say that turning 60 was quite a shock. And some women I know even admitted to being quite depressed by the fact. So I decided to embrace the coming decade, and celebrate my 59th year as my 60’s eve birthday. That means I can celebrate for a whole year, right?

To turn things around a little, I decided to treat some of my friends to lunch on the eve of my actual birthday. That was fun. I started the day  by playing around with some new quilt block ideas.


And then headed to the gym for my “sandwich workout” (20 minutes bike, 20 minutes weights, 20 minutes bike.) Had a fun time at lunch, and then headed straight home for some lap time with my other “friends.”

Oh, and this picture fits into the “aging gracefully” category. A couple of days ago I started worrying about not having enough pics of me and Mr. Monk together, so I grabbed him and snapped that picture sans any makeup or hair fixing.

Photo on 12-2-13 at 8.07 AM

I ended the day with my other friend, Noah, on a twilight walk. I felt so good I ran a little bit. That seems like a really good way to celebrate your sixty’s eve birthday.


17 thoughts on “A Sixty’s Eve Birthday

  1. Happy Happy Birthday dear Friend!! Did you see the cake I made for you? It was delicious. 😉

    I hope this whole next year brings you nothing but goodness and peace!! xoxo

    • I did not see it! What flavor was it? Did it have buttercream frosting?? How about walnuts?? LOL. The food obsession, it never ends.

  2. I love how you are embracing life – this “eve” thing is pretty cool and heck yes, celebrate for an entire year and then the next year as well!!!

    Love that picture of you and Mr. Monk. You both look fab!

    Oh – Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Sixty’s Eve … Why didn’t I think of it?

    70 was the one that caught me out. I breezed through my 60s but battled a weird kind of depression for 6 months or more the year I turned 70. I thought I had a good attitude to aging but something hit my weird button. Now I feel a decade younger but sadly not as energetic as I’d like. Keep up you walking and stuff. It keeps you younger than anything else other than a fun attitude to life.

    The best thing about growing older is that I no longer care what others think or at least not so much.

    I am determined to be a spunky 75 + year old and you’re an amazing 59 +

    Enjoy your birthday year with lots of celebrating.


  4. Happy Birthday Debbie!! You are such a positive influence on your blogging buddies. Love your furry friends. mickie

  5. Happy Birthday, Debby!!! So glad you enjoyed a wonderful day! Hope your “60’s eve” is a great year! (And you’re looking great – sweet Mr. Monk, too, so nice to see him!)

  6. Wow, loved the picture of Mr. Monk, but the thing that blew me out of the water is that picture of YOU. You can tell how much weight you’ve lost in your face. Look at those gorgeous cheekbones and slim jaw line! I am so proud of you. When do we get the full body shot? I can’t wait. You’ve done fabulous.

    • Honestly, Sharon, my face is naturally long and slightly narrow. And weight loss does show up in your face mostly, I think. The body shot is not that impressive. Haven’t I shared one yet?

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