Real Snow : )

It started last night:


And this was the scene this morning, looking up the road:


Looking down the road:


Noah and I took two walks in the snow. He loves the snow so much!


All day long I enjoyed watching these little birds flutter around the bird feeders. How do they do it?



I know this snow is small potatoes for some of you northerners and easterners. But its a pretty big dump of snow for us spoiled Californians. I won’t be going anywhere until at least Monday. I think these are the days I am most grateful that I am retired.


7 thoughts on “Real Snow : )

  1. Since I am lucky enough to know exactly where you are, I’d checked the radar map and knew you were probably getting some snow. So glad you wrote about it and posted pics! What fun and oh yeah, that’s when the retirement word becomes HUGE! What a relief to be under no pressure to go anywhere!

  2. All sorts of strange weather happenings in the USA giving Californians snow and Texans ice and snow. We still haven’t had any! Of course I don’t mind because I am NOT retired and it was bad enough driving into work in the ice storm this morning. Sigh. But your snow sure is pretty. That sort of scene always makes me want to bake just so the house smells cozy lol!

  3. As said on FB: I prefer looking at snow pics instead of having it myself LOL. The photos are beautiful!

    Miss Bella loves snow as much as Noah does. Unfortunately I have to say ๐Ÿ™‚ because when we do have snow she doesn’t settle for short walks ๐Ÿ™‚

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