Recipe Review: Baked Oatmeal and a Simple Shrimp Dish

This week I’ll review two reliable recipes. Both are ones I developed this past year in my efforts to make simple low calorie foods that were still enjoyable to eat. Both have been consistent “repeaters” for me, and both of these happen to be variations on the original recipe.

The first is my “Bare Bones Baked Oatmeal.” Some baked oatmeal recipes are pretty decadent (and therefore VERY tasty.) They are higher in fat and sugar than this recipe, and so their serving size is a lot smaller. Since I am a volume eater, I experimented to see if I couldn’t get a bigger serving size for less calories, and this is what I came up with. I love my original version with the blueberries and apples. But since I had some leftover pumpkin in the fridge, and its that time of year, I decided to try an Apple-Pumpkin version. This was very enjoyable. It would be SOOOO Good with pecans, wouldn’t it? You have my permission to try that. But leaving the pecans out meant I got a bigger serving. I just do better with that. Plus, I’m not tempted to go back for more, like I probably would be if there were nuts in it…


I’ll put the specific recipe changes on the original recipe site.

The second recipe is my Simple Shrimp and Snow Peas recipe. This is a just plain yummy recipe. And it is VERY low in calories. For the version pictured here, I added some chopped zucchini, red bell peppers, a bit of fresh ginger, and some scallions. And I served it over a bed of brown rice.


I definitely think that the original recipe is MUCH better. That surprised me. Sometimes simple is good.

6 thoughts on “Recipe Review: Baked Oatmeal and a Simple Shrimp Dish

  1. Debby, I’ve just recently started reading your blog.. I feel stuck on how to start with my weight loss…I feel overwhelmed with just starting today, where to begin…what to eat for breakfast…if you could give some simple advice, what would it be?

    • Oh brother. Simple advice to a complex problem. How about two things–

      1. I realized way back when I started this last weight loss effort (9 years ago) that I needed some help. Specifically, I needed ideas on what to eat. Even though I knew a lot, I couldn’t think of low calorie options for meals and snacks! So I went to Weight Watchers. They are all about the ideas. Plus you have a roomful of people anxious to share their new ideas! I also believe that a support group for accountability and encouragement is a really good thing. So even though I don’t agree with everything W.W. does (processed foods,) there is still a lot of good to be had from attending their meetings. Of course, you can get a LOT of ideas from reading the weight loss/weight maintenance/healthy living blogs too.

      2. Recognize your own likes and dislikes, and try to fit your eating into something that you will enjoy. For example, I don’t like eggs. There are some high protein diet plans that encourage eating a lot of eggs. I would just be very unhappy on those plans. Also, when I wrote out my “Me Diet” a year ago, I just admitted I have a sweet tooth. And so my low calorie diet is probably a lot sweeter than most people. But it keeps me content enough to continue on on the days that are tough. Check out my post here

      Hope this helps Liz!

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