Recipe Review: Debby’s Famous Mac and Cheese


Macaroni and cheese used to be one of my favorite “comfort foods.” My mom made it with cubes of cheddar cheese that melted into the pasta. I like that so much better than the saucy stuff. So when I tried to make a lightened up version of Mom’s mac and cheese, I pretty much followed her assembly method, and just lightened up the amount of cheese and butter involved. Oh, and I usually use almond milk (only 30 calories in a whole cup!) And, the biggest change I made was to add the butternut squash. I really enjoy the taste of the butternut squash with the macaroni and cheese, and of course, it substantially increases the portion size! This recipe makes four large servings at approximately 250 calories each. Why did I name it Debby’s FAMOUS Mac and Cheese? I don’t know. Its only famous in my own mind. I don’t think I’ve ever served it to anyone else…

As an added bonus, here is a new recipe. Its kind of a version of another recipe (Breakfast Fruit Wrap) I did a long time ago, but it was different enough that I just wrote it as a separate recipe. This was stupendously delicious and satisfying. I haven’t used the La Tortilla Factory Smart and Delicious 100 calorie tortillas for a long time, so I don’t know if they’ve changed their formula, but I thought the tortilla was delicious. Anyway, the recipe is here for Cheesy Apple Breakfast Tortilla. So yummy, I will be having it for breakfast tomorrow!

DSCN0689Okay, for someone who says they minimize wheat in their diet, I am fully aware that I am endorsing two recipes that contain wheat. What can I say? Oh, I know. Yumm.

7 thoughts on “Recipe Review: Debby’s Famous Mac and Cheese

  1. I love mac and cheese – and now I want butternut mac and cheese again. We actually made Alton Brown’s stovetop mac and cheese for dinner last night, which we do on many Sundays (not sure why).

  2. “Its only famous in my own mind. Hahahahaha! I’ve lightened up my mac and cheese too… light cheese, skim milk, less butter etc. Gotta have mac and cheese once in a while!

    Your breakfast wrap sounds so good. I need to try that as I’m always looking for ways to change up my breakfasts.

  3. I confess – the only mac and cheese I liked growing up came in a blue box. And because I don’t eat like that anymore, I haven’t been tempted by “real” mac and cheese recipes, although I have to say, your recipe sounds pretty gourmet with the squash mixed in.

  4. For some crazy (and fortunate, I think) reason, I do not like mac and cheese. But it’s okay. You may keep it on your blog. 🙂

    I might try your grilled wheat wrap method on my turkey/cream cheese/cranberry sandwich. I’ll bet that would be delicious!

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