Recipe Review: Chai Tea!

Winter seems like the perfect time to review this recipe. At first glance, you might think its not worth gathering all those spices to make your own Chai tea. Let me try to convince you that it is. Most of the spices I found at my local grocery store. A couple of them I found at the local natural foods store. I have one small container devoted to my complete supply of Chai spices. Once I gathered all of them, they’ve lasted me a couple of years. Your house smells unbelievably delicious while you’re brewing the tea, and the smell lasts for hours afterwards.

Your other choices for pre-prepared Chai tea are the stuff in cartons or powder in boxes in the grocery store that are usually loaded with sugar, or teabags that have very little flavor. Or you could go to Starbuck’s and blow 200-300 calories on a Chai tea latte. Or you could spend 20 minutes making this base brew for Chai tea and have 4-6 servings. Originally I made it with agave syrup in the blend, but now I make it without any sweetener, and just add a little splenda before I drink it. If I made a 2 cup serving (Starbuck’s Grande size) it is only 30 calories (for the unsweetened almond milk.)


Its just the right treat for a cold winter afternoon by the fireplace!

10 thoughts on “Recipe Review: Chai Tea!

  1. What does Vickie mean with her comment? ::shrugs::

    Anyway…I have a confession: I’ve never tried Chai tea. I KNOW!!! But every time I’m at Starbucks, the word “latte” just automatically comes out of my mouth.

  2. I love chai! Cardamom is my most favorite spice and if I could find a cardamom perfume, I would wear it. I almost never have chai outside of the house because it is usually sweetened. There is a local tea place where I can get my chai unsweetened with milk and it is yummy! (Where I met Lynn for lunch). I have a book with chai recipes, which I should dig out from somewhere.

  3. I don’t like the taste of chai – maybe it’s the spices? But come up with a hot chocolate recipe and I’ll heartily participate!

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