I know a fine young man in Haiti. He aspires to be a pastor one day. And a lawyer, because pastors don’t get paid in Haiti.

This is his house.


This picture is burned in my memory. I remember wondering at the time if he could even stretch out full length to sleep at night.

I live in a 650 square foot house (soon to be 870 SF!)–small in American estimations. One day when I was struggling with a financial decision (could I afford to be “generous” in this certain situation?) I came around the bend in the road and saw my house. And it looked HUMONGOUS. Perspective.


Would it surprise you to know that much of the time I still think of myself as fat–as no different than that 255 pound woman from 9 years ago?

And then one day, while rifling through my closet looking for something nice to wear, I came upon the only pair of “fat pants” that I kept.

DSCN0714 Perspective. Its a good thing.


12 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. This is so true, Debbie. Perspective is everything and we need to remember that. Thanks for a great blog and a thought inspiring post.

  2. You are so right. I have lost 50 lbs since March and some days I wonder if anyone notices. Then I am reminded that I am wearing clothes I couldn’t get into. I need to lose another 20. You are an inspiration.

  3. You look great Debby! It’s a shame the mind can’t catch up, but you know many people who have never been overweight still see themselves as fat. I guess it doesn’t matter what you weigh.

    I would never have guessed your house was 650 sf. Even 800 is fairly small to me. I just assumed it was bigger, maybe because your garden seems so huge.

    • LOL, yes, I think my garden might be a little bigger than the house. Oh, and Lori! I already talked to MLG about making a garden on the other side of the house, out the windows of the new studio!!

      My house was originally built as just a small vacation cabin. I rented it when I first got my first nursing job up here, and then just stayed. After 10 years, I asked the owners if they would be interested in selling it. And here I am still!

  4. My gosh. I get the still feeling fat, but those pants definitely put it into perspective…it’s a good thing you held onto them, and probably a good thing to take them out every now and then as a reminder!

    My house is pretty big – 2200 sq. ft. For TWO of us, now. When I go visit my kids, I sometimes envy the compactness of their apartment layout, but not enough to downsize (yet). Besides, where would I put my drums? 😉

  5. What an excellent post. I love your house and can’t wait to see pictures of it when it becomes an 870 square foot mansion! Yes, perspective is everything. You planning to return to Haiti any time?

  6. I didn’t even know how much weight you have lost over the years but seeing those pants: holy moly, that sure is a lot of weight.

    It’s always good to see things in perspective every now and then. Great post.

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