And Then There was Insulation

Man, I am tired. It seems like I’m not doing that much every day. But every day I am just exhausted. I think part of it is emotional exhaustion. Its exciting to see the studio progress. Its frustrating to be having this much trouble picking out paint colors (for both the inside and the outside.) Its fun to watch the construction progress.

It was super fun to have this stuff arrive today!


The hardwood flooring! It has to sit in the house for at least 3 days to get acclimated.

I was so happy to take a few boards out of the box and see that I liked it even more than I did at the store! It is natural acacia.


I can’t say enough good things about my contractor. I was telling him how much I admire the way he works. He never seems to be in a hurry, and yet at the end of each day there is another huge amount of progress to be seen. He said “the secret is to do it right the first time.” Ha! Seems that might be a lesson a lot of us could apply in life.

And in between I continue to choose a couple of areas to clear out/clean up/put away every day. I went through a CD cabinet and got rid of 90% of the CD’s (and empty CD jackets) yesterday. That cabinet will be a great place to store all the little tools I use in my sewing and other handwork. Today I put away all the rest of my Christmas stuff. That might not seem like much to most of you, but I am the person who is putting Christmas away the first of March! And, if you can believe it, I am going to the gym at least every other day, and taking Noah for a walk every evening before it gets dark!

Here is the most current view of the studio. You might not be able to see it, but I am particularly happy about all the electrical outlets. He put extra electricity in every outlet, so I should not have any trouble with things shorting out. There is even going to be an electrical outlet in the center of the floor. I thought of that, because I know there will be a work station there, and that is probably where I will also do most of the ironing.


What you can’t see is the trailer load of sheet rock that is waiting right outside. That goes up tomorrow. Oh, and the doors will be here tomorrow! Very exciting.

This is where there was a window from the living room to the covered deck. I never liked it there. So now it will be filled in and there will be more wall space.


And that is the end of my story for tonight. I am off to bed to dream of furniture arrangements and paint colors. Yes, that is what I dream about every night. Now I know why I’m so exhausted!

13 thoughts on “And Then There was Insulation

  1. Your new flooring is so pretty – I love it!!! And genius idea for remembering to put in a floor outlet. That will come in handy more times than you think, I’ll bet.

  2. Living in an older home I totally understand the excitement of extra electrical outlets! Everything looks like it’s coming together nicely. Don’t worry too much about the paint colors, when it’s the right one, you’ll know.

  3. That flooring is gorgeous!! And no wonder you are tired – sounds like a lot of activity you got going on there! I can’t wait to see the finished studio – please make a video of the happy dance you do when it’s finally finished. 🙂

  4. This is going to be finished about the time I decide a trip to California is in order. In my dream, I suppose, but this is going to be beautiful and I’d so love to see it in person. Funny about the outlets….we made do in our old house, but didn’t really realize how few we had until we moved into the condo and they are EVERYWHERE!

  5. It is truly a dream come true. Love the flooring. Good idea for the floor outlet. Can’t wait to see the final product. What a great way to start the year ~ organizing and purging ~ hooray!

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