Try Something New!

If you’ve been reading for any length of time, you are probably well aware of my fondness for things that stay the same. I like the familiar. I like routine. It feels safe and comfortable. Ha! You might be thinking that this building/remodeling project must be pretty uncomfortable for debby. You just might be right about that!

That might be one reason I have not strayed from something that IS the same and familiar to me–going to they gym for a workout on a regular basis. I love my gym routine–20 minutes on the bike, 20 minutes upstairs on the weights, and finishing with 20 minutes on the bike. Its familiar, and feels safe and comfortable.

One day last week there was a notice at the sign-in desk for a new class that was starting. Of course the “burn hundreds of calories” claim piqued my interest. But it also mentioned working with free weights, something I would like to do more of. The notice said the class was being led by a certified personal trainer. “Is that you?” I asked the young man at the desk. He is one of the nicest people working in that gym. We chatted a bit, and I said I’d come to the class on Friday.

Well, Friday rolled around and I was still having my “issues” with paint color. I was determined to get my “final” paint color samples mixed. I headed down to town to do that, and then planned to go to the new exercise class. But I was running a little late… maybe I will have to skip the class. It went pretty well at the first paint store. But I needed to go to the second paint store. I glanced at my watch–3:45. I could get to the new class right on time or I could justify skipping it. I NEEDED those paint colors. I turned in the direction of the gym.

I LOVED the new class. Small size (me and five other people,) GREAT instruction, and a HUGE challenge (but not so much that I couldn’t move the next day.) It made me feel good about myself all weekend.

Try something new. Its good for your body, and surprisingly good for your mind.


5 thoughts on “Try Something New!

  1. So glad you went to the first class! Sometimes I think being there right from the start is really helpful in making you feel more comfortable, too. Love that you are expanding your workout repertoire – you are inspiring me to make some changes!

  2. Isn’t it ironic that we often try to talk ourselves out of the very things that are good for us, that end up making us happy and satisfied? Been there, done that! Glad you didn’t listen to little devil Debby and took the chance, ending up with a terrific experience!

  3. Good for you for going to the class and loving it so much. It appears we are the same a lot. I like my routine very much too. But when it comes to exercise I do try something new. Last thing I tried was doing a long organized walk with Bella last year and I’m glad I did because I love doing that.

  4. One of my goals is to try a class. Thanks for this post, it was motivating. Also your scone recipe looks amazing. When I saw the picture of the scone I first thought it would contain ingredients that I may not be within my boundaries. I was overjoyed to read the recipe. This is going in my Christmas collection of recipes. But I probably won’t wait until then to try it! Thanks!

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