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Can you believe my good luck? Last month, when we introduced our “ask us almost anything” questionnaire, someone actually wanted to see pictures of a regular grocery shopping trip for us. And my AIM friends very kindly agreed to make this the first question we answered.

Right up there with my love of food is my love of grocery shopping. When I travel to another town, one of the things I always do is to check out the grocery stores. I love visiting Trader Joe’s (my latest love is their peppermint tea, and I just got a box of their Chai tea bags–it has all the spices that I put in my homemade chai without all the work. I tried it this morning–most excellent!) Whole Foods is another fun store to visit, although they are a bit pricey for me. And of course, I do love to go to Costco. I have to be careful there though. The sheer volume of food is sometimes too much for a single person. (Latest Costco find–Skinny Pop Popcorn–for those who might be too lazy busy to make microwave popcorn…)

This is my favorite corner of Costco:


So, returning to my grocery shopping trip.You know how one of the first things “they” tell you is to shop the perimeter of the store? “They” are right! I do that!

This is my regular route through the little grocery store that I do most of my shopping at. I go in the door by the produce, because that is my favorite thing to buy.

IMG_0205This day I got a few potatoes. I don’t buy too many, because I just don’t eat them that often. I always try to get little ones, about 3-5 ounces each. These are Yellow Finn potatoes. I love them because they have such flavor that you don’t need butter to enjoy them.


This next picture is for my friend, Lynn. Aren’t those some beautiful artichokes? Artichokes don’t have many calories, and are very high in fiber. The problem with artichokes is that you are required to eat them with fat–either butter or mayonnaise. I’ve gone the gamut from using low calorie spreads to nothing. Now I eat them with a carefully measured out teaspoon or 1/2 Tbsp of butter. Just enough to get a bit of a taste on each leaf.IMG_0210

Baby carrots are a weekly purchase. Sophie and Bessie get a couple each night with their dinner. They both think I am starving them to death, so the carrots act as a kind of filler. I get to eat a few of them myself while I am feeding the dogs and getting my dinner ready. IMG_0212

I often buy scallions and cilantro without really knowing what I might be using them for. Its about 66 cents for both of them, and I do like having them on hand. This day I knew there was some recipe I wanted to try that called for both, and I couldn’t remember what it was. When I got home, I remembered that I wanted to try this Creamy Cilantro and Avocado Dressing recipe, recommended by Helen. Low calorie and SOOOO yummy! IMG_0213 Oh, I made sure to get the price in this picture. Isn’t that a great price for broccoli? My broccoli love comes and goes. I like to mix it with cauliflower and baby carrots.IMG_0214

I actually didn’t buy any fruit on this trip. I already had enough at home, and I have learned that for me it is best to not have too much fruit in the house. I feel pressured to eat it all. So I always have fruit, but I don’t go overboard. I never get tired of apples. Fuji’s are my favorite, and Pink Ladies come in a close second.


I always have the pasteurized egg white stuff in the fridge. And I like to keep whole eggs too. I get those at the little farm stand, hoping that the chickens that produce those eggs are treated a little nicer than the grocery store chickens.IMG_0216

I didn’t buy any dairy on this trip. That is another thing that I have to be careful about. I eat yogurt and cottage cheese regularly, but I usually keep one or the other on hand. And not too much, or I will feel pressured to eat it before it “goes to waste.” Oh, and I also keep half and half for my coffee. I actually measured it one day, and I use about 1 1/2 Tbsp per cup of coffee.

I have to be careful to not buy too much meat. My little freezer gets too crowded. So this day I just bought one piece of salmon (2 servings) and 1 huge chicken breast (4 servings.)IMG_0217 IMG_0220 Okay. This is not something I buy all the time. I have rediscovered these La Tortilla Factory high fiber tortillas. Only 100 calories. I use them for those Breakfast Fruit Wraps. IMG_0224

Here’s the first time (on this trip) that I ventured into the center of the store. I like these sunflower seeds. I have to tell you, I don’t really think they are that low sodium. A commenter a long time ago did a big expose’ on how David’s does their figuring , and I believe her. Anyway, so far no one’s telling me to limit my salt, so I do eat them on road trips.IMG_0225

And just showing the whole trip here, I did stock up on Diet Coke. I still drink it. I usually have one diet coke in the evening.

Oh, and one more little “non-diet” item. I really really like M&M’s with popcorn. So once every two weeks, I have a bowl of popcorn and 1/2 of a pack of M&M’s. IMG_0228

So there you have it. Probably a little more than you really wanted to know about how I shop. Thanks so much to those of you who joined in and asked us questions. We’ll be back in a month with more answers. Be sure to check out my AIM partners to see what’s in their shopping carts!

Lynn @ Lynn’s Weigh

Lori @ Finding Radiance

Shelley @ My Journey to Fit

Cammy @ The Tippy Toe Diet

 If you have more questions, just click here, and you will be able to ask us (almost) anything!

9 thoughts on “AIM: What’s in My Cart

  1. 1. I paid 2x that per pound for broccoli crowns just yesterday
    2. Fuji apples are my favorite apple too!
    3. Glad you tried that dressing. Isn’t it the bomb?!! I’m making a batch tonight – been waiting for the avocado to get ripe as the ripe ones I did have went into guacamole for Mr. Helen’s superbowl watching.

    • That dressing has so many possibilities! I will show later in the week how I ate it yesterday. And the idea of using avocado/greek yogurt for the base and then adding whatever flavorings you like will be very fun to experiment with.

  2. I gave up on Costco due to the single person aspect. I have enough trouble making sure I use all my food before it goes bad as it is. I now keep a list on my cupboard of all the perishables I currently have in the house. I try to read it before every meal so I don’t end up with some ugly surprise mush. I don’t buy artichokes now as I can’t trust myself to eat just a small amount of butter as you do. You impress me with that!

    • Yeah, if it was only food, Costco would not be worth it. But I buy my dog food there, and some other household stuff. I didn’t eat artichokes for a couple of years. Now I have one maybe once a month when they are in season. I practically live in artichoke country–it seems wrong to NOT eat them!

  3. OK, I have to ask: how much was your cilantro? Wondering because my mom and BF couldn’t believe that it was 28 cents here. Also, I noticed that your meat label shows country of origin – is that a California thing, or maybe just what your particular grocery store does? I haven’t noticed that here.

    • Cilantro is 33 cents usually. Must be too chilly up in the northwest to grow it??? I never noticed the country of origin. I guess I’m so used to it. But what’s up with my salmon coming all the way from Chile?

  4. We don’t have Costco around here. The closest thing to that is BJ’s wholesale, but you have to pay to be a member to shop there and not worth it for just the 2 of us, although buy TP only once a year would be nice LOL!

    I always wonder about sodium in nuts in the shell. How can they figure out what you eat/

  5. LOL. My single sister did that–bought the huge thing of TP. I don’t have any place to store that much TP!

    Yeah, this commenter pointed out that David’s did their nutritional information based on the nuts only, not the nuts in the shells, which made the sodium content very low. But really, EVERYONE sucks all the sodium off the outside of the shells before they eat the nut. (haha, like I’m a sunflower-seed-eating expert.)

  6. As someone from a different country, I love looking at grocery stores in different countries. What I see mostly is that everything is in such big portions. Almost every bag is huge. I see that here more and more too but on the other hand there is a lot of small packages to buy here for the 1 and 2 person households.

    Thanks for sharing.

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