Home Again!

This trip was a long one and was multi-layered! Its going to take several posts to tell you all about it. I thought I’d write about it like that Seinfeld episode–going backwards in time. Fun for me, anyway!

I arrived home to signs of spring! This has been a crazy weather year, and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen blooms this early in my yard.


So I got home at 10:30 at night, knowing that my living room would be finished, and knowing the details of what would be done, but envisioning it is not the same thing as seeing it in person. I can’t say enough good things about J. the contractor. He took a sow’s ear of a house and turned it into a silk purse. 



and after

and after

Noah has been at the trainer’s since Feb. 5! I went to visit him on those few days I was home after the Modesto trip, but the house was so torn up, I thought it would be easier for him (who am I kidding, it was easier for me….) to leave him there. He LOVES his time there. And they like him too. While he’s there he participates in the group classes on the weekends. When did I become the world’s laziest dog trainer???

Noah practicing his sit-stay in the "new" living room.

Noah practicing his sit-stay in the “new” living room.

The next morning I walked around the yard–good grief, things were blooming!!






As always, on return home, I went to the store, and the things I naturally want to stock up on are vegetables and dairy. I guess those are the two things that are hardest to get in while I am traveling. And, I went to the gym for my regular Sunday morning pre-church workout–it felt so good to get back to my regular exercise! Plus, it was my last chance to participate in Lori’s Heart Healthy Weekend!

Next episode: “The Escalator.”


11 thoughts on “Home Again!

  1. Jealous of your blooms! See my blog tomorrow for what my front yard looks like LOL.

    The living room is fantastic – I hope you’re thrilled and enjoy settling back in.

  2. Welcome back, Debby! I missed your blog posts!

    Did you hear that *thunk* sound? That was my jaw hitting the floor. Your new living room is *gorgeous*!!! I love the floor especially, and the new colors are wonderful!

    And so many blooms – wow! They are gorgeous! I put in some bulbs this weekend that were languishing in the garage – we may or may not get some daffodils, but I’m hopeful. A surprise did emerge: a tiny grape hyacinth! I thought those bulbs were long gone.

  3. I can’t get over how much having new windows and flooring (ok, not to mention pretty paint) has changes your living room. It’s absolutely gorgeous!!!

    Love how your landscape welcomed you home with blooms. Hope the dogs are settling in well, and boy oh boy am I looking forward to the escalator story!!!

  4. Love your living room Debby, such beautiful bright colors. Wasn’t it hard for you that Noah has been away so long even though you visited him in that period? First thing I always do when I get home from vacation is pick up Bella. This year we will probably take our vacations in the Netherlands which means she can come with us.

    Don’t you just love the first signs of Spring? I am seeing more and more of it here too. It cheers the mood. Nothing better than waking up and hear the birds sing. Yes, Spring is coming!

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