The Escalator


Readers of Shelley’s blog already know that I ended this trip with a VISIT TO SHELLEY! We had so much fun. We fit together like peas and carrots (Forrest Gump ref.) I don’t think we look alike, but one time Shelley posted a picture of herself at 12 years old, and I was shocked at how much she looked like the 12 year old me.

Anyway, we ended our trip driving together back to the DFW Airport. I was ever so grateful that she was able to drive back with me. Its just a 3 hour drive, but you know how it is when you are unfamiliar with the roads–it seems like twice that time.

We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare, dropped off the rental car, and took the shuttle to the terminal. We had our choice of elevator or escalator, and Shelley asked “which one?” I said escalator–it was closer, and by now I’d been in one million airports and done this routine two million times. I had my giant 45 pound suitcase, my carry on suitcase, and my purse, all balanced precisely. As I got on the escalator, Shelley was saying something about “You know, I have kind of an Elf thing about escalators…” (insert: okay, I just googled Elf/escalator–that is hilarious!) and right then I lost my balance and dropped the big suitcase, which fell backwards onto the escalator steps! Which meant that it just kept clanging down one step at a time as the escalator continued to go up. With each clang, the distance between me and my big suitcase got further apart. I kept stepping down to try to get closer to it (while still balancing my carry on and my purse) and yelling at Shelley “don’t you dare photograph this,” but the escalator just KEPT ON GOING UP. Finally I knew my only hope was to abandon my carry on (which, the EVERY THREE MINUTE TSA ANNOUNCEMENTS warn you to NEVER do) and somehow hop over the HUGE suitcase to get below it and grab it. Shelley rescued my little carry on, and was laughing so hard she couldn’t have gotten a good picture if she had tried. I swear, it was like a Lucy and Ethel episode.

Come back soon for “Adventures with Shelley!”

9 thoughts on “The Escalator

    • Are you saying you would have been a little quicker with the video camera? I almost wish we did have documentation of that, except it for sure wouldn’t have been my most flattering side, if you know what I mean!

  1. I am the worst friend ever, because once the situation escalated (haha, I slay myself), all I could do was laugh…the combination of Debby’s pink suitcase going “thump thump thump” while staying in place at the bottom of the escalator, with Debby trying to walk down an up escalator and pretty much staying in place like a hamster on a wheel had me doubled over, laughing so hard that I was crying. And when she shot the “don’t you DARE take a picture” at me, I about fell over – I wish I could get my hands on the security footage of that escapade, because words do not do it enough justice. Seriously, when she finally made it to the top with her pink suitcase, we had to go off to the side to collect ourselves! What a memorable way to end our time together!

  2. I’m an elf and after your story that settles it forever. The pink suitcase doing it’s own thing topped it off. Hilarious. I always forget how to get off , especially at the bottom of the down escalator. Big problem. Give me stairs or better still a lift. It doesn’t help that I live in an area of small town and only get to practice at airports or rare visits to larger cities.


  3. Such a funny story and I would have been the “bad” friend like Shelley too and would have laughed too. But also expected you to do the same if it happened to me. Sometimes all you can do is laugh about it. Look forward to your adventures with Shelley. I had a sneak preview on her blog but look forward to hearing it from your point of view.

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