Adventures with Shelley!

Way back in the fall, when I started planning this trip to Haiti with my brother, I started scheming–how could I fit in another visit with Shelley? I’m so glad it worked out–it was the perfect ending to a very good trip.

Shelley and I have met up four times now, and each time we get to spend a little more time together. But none of the visits has been absent of the now traditional trip to the frozen yogurt shop!


I finally got to meet Paco the Wonder Dog. He truly is a wonder dog–he behaves so well (Sophie, are you listening?)


Shelley took me to the “Scary Statues Park.” It was really a very charming park with tons of walking paths. IMG_0394After walking a WHOLE mile and a half, I was ready for a big breakfast! How fun it was to visit the famous Blue Baker, home of so many post-race breakfasts for Shelley’s running club.
IMG_0406This picture doesn’t show the color well enough–it really is very blue in this restaurant!
Then we stopped by Shelley’s running store. IMG_0415 What I really look at in any sports store:IMG_0416

I actually tried on a couple of pairs of shoes. I really liked these. I’d never heard of them. They were very comfortable, lightweight, and had a wider than usual toe box. Oh, and the most important thing? They were cute!
IMG_0414One day Shelley took me to a fabulous quilt shop right in her home town! Of course, I found a bit of fabric, and quite a bit of thread that I “needed.”

And the next day, after a bit of crafting in the morning, we headed out to Navasota, where there was a wonderful spinning and knitting shop. I found some great yarn and spinning fiber to bring home with me. Shelley asked the young shop owner about a good place to eat, and when I heard “Love Pies,” my ears perked up.IMG_0435Everything was homemade at Love Pies. Our sandwiches were truly fabulous. And we had just enough room leftover for one of their mini pies. There seemed to be a lot of “bloggers taking pictures of bloggers taking pictures” going on this weekend.
IMG_0437I had Key Lime, and Shelley had chocolate. Their coffee was really superb too. It was just a wonderful meal!
IMG_0438All too soon, our time together ended. The lady at the airport (who was still laughing about the escalator “incident” was nice enough to take a picture of us. With all the picture taking we had done, we forgot to get a picture together until then.
IMG_0442Thank you again, Shelley and Jeff, for being so gracious. It was SO MUCH FUN!

Next up: THE ZOO!!

12 thoughts on “Adventures with Shelley!

  1. I think you have so much in common, it’s easy for you to have fun. It’s so nice that you two have been able to take your online friendship into the real thing!

  2. OK, Debbie, I figured out Shelly was in Texas as Navasota was the clue! I’m in Houston. Where do you live? I so admire the primroses in your yard which weren’t happy in mine for the next year! Too expensive to replant every year. Your visit with Shelly was such fun! Easy to see that.

    • I live in no. Ca. Shelley has connections to no. Ca, and I have connections to TX. that’s why its worked out for us to meet so often.

  3. I love those shoes!! I enjoy a wide toe box – I might have to go to my running store and see if they have them.

    I want to hang out with you and Shelley!! Maybe next time you both could take a detour a little bit north and come visit me? 🙂

  4. What a fun trip, it makes me happy reading your and Shelley’s post about it. It’s so great that blogging can turn into real life meetings and new friends.

    You’ve asked what flower sprout is, it is a new vegetable and a combination of kale and Brussels sprouts. It tasted more like kale I would say but I loved it, very tasty.

    • Wow, I was thinking it might be related to kale or brussel sprouts! I hope it comes our way soon. I’ll have to check the farmer’s markets this summer.

    • LOL. I didn’t include that fact in the post, but I did check them out on Amazon, and I ordered them–they were $40 cheaper than at the store!

    • You know, those shoes ARE a little like Earth shoes. They have “0 lift” in the heels, and they recommend that you wear them for short periods of time before you run long distances in them. Of course, I’m not running any distance in them 🙂 I wore them around the house for a whole day, and my back and my legs really hurt, but I’m pretty sure it was because I had body aches from the first day of a cold. They were VERY comfortable on my feet.

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