The Zoo!

After we returned from Haiti, my brother and I had a day and a half in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to relax and spend a little time together. Ever since we were kids, we have both really really loved animals. His loves were a little more exotic than mine–snakes and tropical fish. For a few years we even owned a pet shop together! We still love to visit pet shops and zoos when we have a chance. It just so happened, that on the day we were there, it was a perfect spring day with a light breeze blowing, so we went to the Ft. Worth Zoo! My brother says it is one of the best small zoos in America. I totally agree that it is one of the best. My legs and feet would disagree that it is one of the smallest.

They had two baby elephants born at the zoo! So fun to see them. They ran around and seemed to be enjoying the weather as much as everybody else.


This little guy was copying his mom, and giving himself a dust bath.


This was a huge enclosure full of cockatiels and parakeets, and you could buy ridiculously expensive sticks of bird seed to feed them. It was fun!


Is this just the cutest? I don’t know why one baby swan gets to ride on the mother’s back, while the others follow in the water.


This lion was beautiful, but he sure was vocalizing a lot. I wonder what he wanted?


A komodo dragon!


And one of the hugest silverback gorillas I’ve ever seen.


I was really impressed with the enclosures for most of the animals, and the beautiful condition of the animals. It was a really great day.

The next morning, before I dropped my brother at the airport and headed to Shelley’s, we drove down the “historic main street” of Grapevine, TX. We lived there about 35 years ago, before the DFW airport was built! It really was just a dusty little town back then. We didn’t recognize much on the main street. Oh, and I had googled “pet shops” in Hurst, and three shops were listed: Petco, one other major corporate store, and The Grooming Boutique–MY OLD GROOMING SHOP!! We went by there too, but of course, it was a different owner than I had sold to 30-some years ago. What a kick.

We used “the lady” (google maps app for my iPhone) to direct us around the area. We only went off course a couple of times, and it seemed like the lady would then direct us to take backroads to wherever we needed to go. I felt a little like I was being profiled and had been deemed a hick that preferred backroads to major freeways (well, that’s true, but its none of her business!)

Next up (and the last of my travel adventures for awhile,) HAITI REVISITED!

5 thoughts on “The Zoo!

  1. Look at ALL THE BABIES!! Squeeeeee!!!

    I haven’t been to the zoo in ages. I might have to take the kiddos and make a day of it once it warms up a little bit.

    That’s great that you and your brother could spend time together skipping down memory lane!

  2. Those baby elephants are soooooo cute!!! All baby animals are cute, no matter the size 😀

    I bet it was getting close to feeding time for the lions. The lions at the Denver zoo used to vocalize a lot near feeding time and you could hear it all over the zoo!

    Are you going to talk about your Haiti trip?

  3. I love hearing the lions roar at a zoo – there is nothing like that deep, deep sound. The baby elephants are just so dang cute, and I wonder if the baby swans were taking turns riding on the Mama’s back (“one at a time – your turn is next, Claudius”).

    It’s pretty cool that your grooming salon is still there. Super fun to revisit the past in such a good way with your brother!

  4. Hello Debby…so enjoyed reading about your trip with your brother. I’ve only seen Komodo Dragons in photos, so can’t imagine how it would be to see them in person. Keep sharing your photos with us (your fan base). Can’t wait to see Haiti. mm

  5. I love Zoo’s too. We have one in the next town, a 10 minute drive from home. We don’t go there every year, maybe every 2 years. The best part of this zoo is that dogs are allowed so we always bring Bella. There’s one other zoo in the Netherlands where dogs are allowed, all the others are forbidden for dogs. It’s so nice to see how Bella reacts to the animals, sometimes not at all, sometimes curious but never agressive.

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