The Mudroom

I went to a conference with some friends for a couple of days, and came home last night to an almost-finished mud room! I think J. the contractor might have a bit of painting here or there to do, but it looks finished to me.

This little room is an idea I’ve had for years! I don’t have a big roof overhang, and because of all the trees, even at the best of times, the rain gutters don’t work well. So when it rains, there is just a constant drip or downpour right outside the front door, and its a royal pain to try to get the dogs inside and toweled off before they shake all over everything. I was so excited when J. told me it was possible to build this. Its only 4′ X 7′, but that is plenty of room for even me and four dogs to get in out of the rain. And then I had the bright idea to ask if I could have a doggie door put in at the same time. Oh my. I am in heaven. I might never have to get out of my chair again. Some little doggies have to go to the bathroom quite often. Without mentioning names, evidently their royal systems are small and delicate.

So here’s the queen investigating the new doggie door:


And Sophie and Mr. Monk looking out the new front door:


I tried to get a shot of the front of the house, because I think the door to the mudroom is much brighter than the studio door. I’m not sure if its the light, or if it needs another coat of paint. Its a little bright, even for me. But I do like the way the front of the house looks now!




12 thoughts on “The Mudroom

  1. Beautiful! I think the door colors are different because one is under an overhang.

    I wish I could let Pixie outside. I want to build one of those catios so she can go out. Our road is so busy that it is way too dangerous for her to go out.

  2. Debby’s,
    Love all the work done on your house. The mud room was a good idea. I know how is to try to dry off the dogs before they get in the house with their wet feet and coats. You have a really good contractor there. I can tell he does quality work from where I’m sitting.

    • That’s so nice to hear. I think he does wonderful work, but since I’ve never had anything done before, I have nothing to compare it to. Most of all, I like HOW he works— steady and calm.

  3. Evidently that one blue wall is an accent wall? Everything else looks to be yellow? In any case, what a great idea, especially the doggy door!

    • Yes, I put a blue accent wall in the living room, and we decided to just carry it out to the mudroom on the wall facing the same direction. The “yellow” (I agree with you) wasn’t really chosen as yellow. It was called antiquity, and was supposed to be an off-white. I’m okay with it–its a nice soft color anyway.

  4. I absolutely love your house. I’m wondering: do you live in the forest? Do you have neighbours close by?

    Great idea to put in a doggie door, I think Bella would be in heaven too if we would do that with the door to our garden 🙂

  5. I do really live in the forest! I live on a dirt road 1 1/2 miles away from the main road. I have 2 1/2 acres, and each of my four neighbors have the same. On the topography map it looks like a chest of drawers (each property is long and narrow.) There are other neighbors who live back here as well, but those 4 are the closest to me. We can still hear each other talking if we are talking loud outside. Haha, and I’m pretty sure they can hear Noah barking too.

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