Before and After–Me and My Garden


I ran across some old “fat” photos of me, and (squee!!) I figured out how to scan them. As I looked at one of them, I realized that it was a “before” picture of me AND my garden. It was probably taken within the first couple of years that I lived here, so that would have been about 1988. That’s me at 34 years old, and the start of my garden. I planted a couple of petunias in a wooden box. They actually did very well. The same wooden box was where I planted my little maple tree. That little maple tree grew and grew in that little wooden box until it couldn’t grow any more. And that is what precipitated the whole garden project! The big pine tree trunk behind me in that picture also grew and grew, until it had to be taken down. Its stump is in the middle of the raised bed now. Those are my dogs I had when I moved here, Charlie the Standard Poodle, and Muppet, my little Lhasa Apso. (The storage shed in the background had a tree fall on its roof, and it was removed shortly after that.)

This bed is built right where I was sitting in the first picture. The big maple tree is the one that started the whole project. It is doing so well this year.


Here’s a view of the other beds this morning, with recent improvements by MLG (Master Landscaping Guy.)


And me? Fortunately, instead of growing and growing, I stayed that same size for a very long time. And then I got smaller.

DSCN0716Me and that little maple tree–we’ve weathered a lot over the years. But we’re still standing.

18 thoughts on “Before and After–Me and My Garden

  1. For some reason this post made me a little verklempt! I love seeing how far you and your garden have come. 🙂 Such a pretty garden and such a pretty smile!

  2. Debby..I so love reading your blog. This one was especially heartwarming. Yes, you have come a long way with your health endeavors and your gardening. Isn’t it amazing how one little flower box morphed into a whole new gardening hobby. Thanks for letting us share your life this way. mickie

    • Thanks Mickie! It is fun to share, when I finally make myself sit down to write. Its nice to know other people enjoy it as well.

  3. This is lovely. The growing garden and shrinking Debby! I am so jealous of your garden space, I have to say.

    • Don’t be too jealous. I was watering the other day and decided I was already tired of doing “so much work.” I did decide to NOT fence off a second garden area, but me and MLG did make some fun plans for new beds, and if its too much work, I will have him put in an automatic watering system. He’s already put 2 japanese maples, a weeping willow, and a bridal veil bush in the ground for me!

  4. Beautiful garden photos, as usual! We are re-doing a bed, ripped out all the old, tired plants, and are selecting new ones! I love planting and watching the growth! Spring in Texas is finally here 🙂

  5. Thanks for this post Debby, I enjoy gardening too but lately I am not keeping up as well as I used to. I love the way your garden looks too. I live down in the valley so nothing is green unless you water it a lot yourself, except in the winter or early-spring.

  6. Love this post! the flowers in your garden are blooming already, love seeing that. The gardener did mine last Friday (I don’t like gardening and it’s too much work for me) and made it ready for Spring, so am waiting for everything to bloom from this point on.

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