Garden Celebration

I just got done doing my taxes online. Does anyone else find this to be as nervewracking as I do? When I had finally jumped through the final hoop, double checked all my answers and numbers, and hit SEND, I felt like celebrating. Thank goodness I wasn’t at all hungry. I celebrated by sending an email to a friend, and then went out in the garden to look it over. We’ve had rain for days (NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!) It was fun to look for new surprises out there.

Look what was hiding:


My New York Lily of the Valley! So small and delicate. Two more are coming up just where I planted them last year. Thank you again, my New York gardening friend!

I’ve loved maidenhair ferns all my life. And bought plenty of them over the years, with not much success. This is a new variety, which is supposed to be hardy to 10F, so we’ll see if its still here next year.


And I bought a pink bleeding heart.


I thought I had one, but the only one growing is a white one.


This is a really beautiful Japanese maple. It comes out this delicate color in the spring. But its not in exactly the right location. And it might be one that does better in the ground. Slowly, I am transplanting some of the Japanese maples into the ground. It wouldn’t hurt to move the wood pallet behind it…




The tulips really have been pretty this year. Usually, it seems to me that it is too hot by the time they bloom, and they just get all floppy and wilty looking.


Had to practically stand on my head to get this pic of the first bloom on the flowering cherry tree!


And this little Japanese maple is doing very well in its new location in the ground. That is one of the ones I grew from a seedling from my original JM. See all that empty ground in front of it? Looks like a good place for a new flower bed, doesn’t it???


Now that’s a good way to celebrate without food!



17 thoughts on “Garden Celebration

  1. Congrats on the taxes! I confess I pay someone to do mine, but after the questionnaire I have to fill out and everything I have to provide, I keep thinking I need to go back to doing them myself. But I don’t. 🙂
    I’m living vicariously through your spring It’s so lovely Debby! You have a much greener thumb than I. But I score high marks in green appreciation.

    • You made me LOL with your “high marks in green appreciation.” And you made me feel better about doing my taxes myself. The only thing better about having someone do it for you is having that second eye to make sure everything is done right, and someone who will stand behind you if the IRS disagrees with you!

  2. Love the picture of your flowering cherry tree. And yes, that looks like a great spot for a new flower bed. I’m living vicariously through your garden this year, as we haven’t seen anything yet, just a wee bit of green from a weed today. Paying taxes online is routine in this household, except for this year…we opted to get them done since I started a business last year and we aren’t exactly sure how it all should go.
    Happy April my friend!

  3. Love your garden tour. Our spring is very late this year, but I go round the garden at least twice a day to look for new brave little sprouts. My best find so far are 18 separate clumps of Virginia bluebell that I transplanted from our old yard last November.

  4. oh Debby – it’s beautiful! I agree that the last picture is a blank canvas waiting to be painted around that maple!

    My garden is half thawed now and I see a sprout of a snowdrop coming up, which is more exciting to me than you can imagine!

  5. I appreciate all you went through for the cherry blossom picture – it’s so pretty! Love that fern as well…until I see pics of ferns, I forget that we don’t get to have them here. I miss them! Your garden is going to be spectacular this year, I can tell already. 🙂

  6. I do the taxes every year because I’m too cheap to pay someone. I guess we just don’t have enough complication in our finances for it to feel scary to me. Besides with the programs out there now it’s pretty easy to shuffle through. Of course I always make my husband look them over before I press send as well!

    The cherry blossom and tulips are so pretty. I just love a pink flower!

    • There were just a couple of unusual things this year. So the more questions they asked, the more nervous it made me!

      And yes, you probably know that pink flowers are my favorites too.

  7. Love the garden tour!! So pretty – tulips are my absolute favorite. 🙂

    Because of my husband’s business, we have someone do our taxes. Which is fine by me, all I have to do is go in and sign the paperwork!

  8. Debby it’s so pretty and beautiful, perfect way to celebrate!

    I do the taxes myself too. We have to send it in before April 1 and since last year it couldn’t be easier because you have a personal login code and when you use that all your work information, mortgage information and other stuff is already downloaded. All I have to do is check if it’s correct and add things if needed and hit sent. Takes me 15 minutes to finish it.

  9. Debby….Another beautiful posting of your gardens. Before I read your note about the cherry blossom photo, I was wondering what was “that plant”. That is a beautiful photo. Keep planting and sharing. mickie

    PS Home Depot is having a $2.00 sale on vegetable and herb plants NOW and I went nuts yesterday. The plants are healthy looking and a nice size…..just a hint in case you haven’t put in a little herb garden yet. (smiles)

  10. Our plants are finally coming up, too, and it has done wonders for my mood and my desire to get outside and be active. We planted a whole new flower bed and hauled 14 bags of hardwood mulch in one weekend, and it was the best weekend I’ve had in ages!

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