The Madness–It Begins Again

How could I forget in three short weeks what it was like living in a construction zone?


The dining room. Not really a before picture, because J. the contractor has removed the carpet, put drywall on the ceiling, washed down the bare walls and floor, and put primer paint on the walls. The paneling boards there on one side are to see if I want to narrow the opening, which would give me more wall space. Its such a huge opening, but on the other hand, its a small house… (feel free to opine on this topic!) You can see the tiny kitchen through there–we are discussing various options for expanding the kitchen…

Anyway, living in a construction zone. It just changes your day. I have left the house twice IN MY GYM CLOTHES and never made it to the gym. I was too tired, or had too many other chores to run (Lowes, I’m looking at you.) I’m trying to be content with all the “functional exercise” I’m getting. And nary a stitch has been taken on the sewing machine. I am hopeful to sit down and sew today. I picked up the studio yesterday and cut out some strips from a set of colors I had put together. Just to make some funky little log cabin blocks.

I’m doing bits and pieces of work in the garden. Yesterday I stopped at the nursery and bought a Fuji apple tree! Its hard to resist a good tree. This tree had a beautiful shape, and for $26, well, that just seems like a good deal. Sallye (the nursery owner) said I will get fruit in five years. Guess I’ll be staying here a while longer!


While I was outside, I looked up. The English Lilac has gone crazy this year! Usually there are not that many blooms on it, because its always had too much shade. Maybe it got so tall that I couldn’t reach to prune it, or it is getting more sun, but I’ve never had this many blooms on it.


In this picture you can see the whole lilac, and also the construction staging area outside.




And some close-ups of the lilacs. What a lovely scent they have!



DSCN1142(Same lilac, one picture shot in the evening, and one in the morning!) Its a little early, but I will wish you all a good weekend!




17 thoughts on “The Madness–It Begins Again

  1. The lilac is beautiful! My neighbor has one that is right next to our driveway and I always look forward to it blooming. We are most definitely weeks behind you as it was only 30 degrees when I went out for my morning run. Sigh.

    You know I am jealous of your handyman!!! When you get frustrated with the errand running connected to your renovations, remember you didn’t have to do the really hard stuff yourself.

    • Oh, I am VERY aware that I don’t have to do the hard stuff myself! When I see all the work you and others are doing themselves, I feel very spoiled. And I don’t mind the errands so much. I’m just a little surprised that I keep skipping the gym.

      Helen, we have gone straight to summer here. Its crazy. I’m running the AC in the car when I drive around.

  2. I love the lilac!

    My opinion – I would keep the larger open doorway. If you have a small house,light is the best way to make it seem not so small and narrowing the door might make it feel squished. I like the sight line you have through there as well.

    And waiting 5 years for apples? I thought waiting 9 months for my orchid to rebloom was bad LOL

    • Another thought if you want wall space is instead of a full wall to put up a pony wall. then you could have lower cabinets along that wall (if that is what you were going for), but still an unobstructed view into the kitchen.

      • GMTA. That is exactly what I really want. The thing is, without some kind of a barrier, the person sitting in the chair (in the dining room) next to that step is likely to fall off the step!

  3. I’m thinking the bigger opening would be better…gives the room a more open, airy feel. You could always put an Expedit(!!!) on its side if you wanted a partial “wall” feeling – it would still be open, plus you’d have space to put pretty things.

    Oh, and I guess construction is like childbirth…you get so excited about the new baby, you forget all the pain that went into getting it. At least you won’t have to send your dining room to college in 18 years, lol!

    Love the lilacs; also love spotting the Queen’s tail in one picture. Paco says we need more Queen pics, or another guest post from her. 🙂

    • LOL, I saw that bit of Sophie in there, and left it to see if you would notice. Its kind of like your own personal “where’s Waldo.” And the childbirth comparison–I was going to say that! I swear our world would not be populated unless women forgot the pain of the previous birth!

  4. Your little house is perfect. No negative comments here! And your outdoors is more than perfect! I smell the lilacs. 🙂 When home in South Dakota a few years ago, it was lilac blooming time and I drove by my grandmother’s old house in Kadoka, South Dakota, and picked one beautiful bloom. I dried it on the road home and eventually framed it in a frame with two openings in the matt – one a photo of the house and the other the dried lilac bloom. When I look at it every day while doing morning bathroom stuff I am reminded of my roots and that wonderful smell!

    • What a sweet story, Lynn, and a wonderful way to remember your roots and your grandmother. I’d like to do something similar to that to remind me of my grandma every day.

  5. Now that’s a good example of being patient with the process. FIVE years!
    I feel that if the world complies to the 80/20 rule, than I am usually in the 20. Therefore, I would narrow the opening. I have a small house and my kitchen/dining area are separate from the living room which is separate from everything else. But then, I do little entertaining and am by myself so not trying to keep track of anyone else, and I like places to put stuff.

  6. I’d go pony wall/island. You can do cabinets on the kitchen side and bookshelves on the other. You could even line up the back of the cabinet side with the edge of the step and then have the bookcase built from the floor up to the countertop on the other.

    Can’t wait to tag along on this ride. 🙂

  7. I never heard that term “pony wall.” The whole kitchen add-on is going to be a huge amount of choices/decisions. I’m glad some of you are chiming in with opinions. It really helps me!

  8. I really just want to smell that lilac! 🙂 I have no good opinions about your house – I’m not so good at that sort of thing. But yay for more new house!!

  9. I love lilacs, they smell so good too!
    I have no tips for the construction, I leave that sort of things always to R. 🙂

  10. I’m impatient for our lilacs. We moved into this house in August last year, but I know we have a full wall of lilacs in the back yard and they’re one of my favorites! Sadly they don’t even have leaves yet. I bought a wisteria plant this weekend. I may have to wait over 10 years to see flowers. I’m going to be optimistic and hope that it won’t be that long. I figured for $3, I’d give it a chance.
    I’d love to have an apple tree, but I’d have to talk my husband into it. He doesn’t want to have to pick up any apples that fall so he can mow.

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