The Dining Room is Finished!

One week, start to finish! J. the contractor worked diligently every day to get my dining room finished in time for my “sewing ladies” to come for our monthly get-together tomorrow!

Even though I spent so long choosing all my colors, it had been a while since I did that, and in the interim I kinda forgot what a bright color I had chosen for the dining room. I was shocked when I saw the paint in the can. And concerned when the first coat of paint went on the walls. But with a second coat, and a few days to get used to it, I now love it. Its bright and cheerful.

I don’t really have any furniture for this room, because it was my sewing room for the past few years. So that is just a little gate leg table that I had on hand, and Noah’s huge crate… But look! One of my favorite things of all the construction I’ve had done–A BEDROOM DOOR! Yes, for 28 years, I lived in this darn place with no bedroom door. It seemed so impermanent, but I always thought it would be “impossible” to add a door, because the opening was so small. Then, as I said to J., “now that I know you can do anything…” And sure enough, he cut a bigger hole, moved the electrical outlet, and put in a real live door.


You can see my little messy kitchen and also the tiny bathroom in this picture. If we decide to go forward with our next stage of renovation/construction, both of those rooms will be re-purposed.


I decorated the studio walls this week too.



DSCN1149Here’s a view of the whole room:


Its been wonderful to have this room to work in and to relax in this week. It was a sanctuary from the construction. I am blessed.



12 thoughts on “The Dining Room is Finished!

  1. I love the colors you’ve been choosing. Can you give me the names and company, especially for the peach and creamy ones in your studio? I so enjoy reading about your progress on your house, gardens, etc etc etc. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks! The creamy color in the studio (its the same one used in all 4 rooms) is Antiquity by Benjamin Moore. The white trim is Winter Snow by Ben M. The wall in the studio is Coral Shimmer by Tru Value. The Dining Room is Cranberry Splash, also by True Value. The blue walls in the living room and mud room is Blue Wave, also by True Value. I thought Tru Value’s colors were a little brighter overall, and that’s why I tended to go with them. The outside of the house is a Ben Moore paint though–main color is Yukon Green with trim of Natural Wicker. And then the doors are back to Tru Value–Savory.

  2. Can I please come stay with you for a month or two??? I need a sweet little place where I can get away from it all and your house is perfect!!! 🙂 Seriously, I love everything you’ve done with it – it looks so cheery and nice. What a treat for you!!!

  3. I love it! I love the color, too. Very bold!

    And you know what else I love? That chest thing behind your comfy chair with the quilt on it. I might have to come out there and steal it!

    • That’s a CD cabinet that I got from Costco quite a while ago. I like it too. It was full of CD’s that I never listened to any more, so I took a whole box of them to the thrift store and moved it to the studio to store little notions and stuff. Still empty, but eventually I know I’ll find a use for it! Thanks for liking the color!

  4. Ok Miss Debby I have diligently been trying to comment all day on this post and WordPress wouldn’t let me! ANYWAY, I love how you are creating such a beautiful place to spend your retirement years. It has been so fun to watch from afar lol. By the way, your wood floors are just gorgeous!

    • WordPress is being very weird today. It is not notifying me of comments either. I wish you and my bloggy friends lived closer so I could have you over for tea (LOL, coffee really.) Today was such fun to have my sewing ladies over. Thank you for the nice words!

  5. Beautiful.

    Current house, 2nd one we built, painter opened can of blue for computer room and told me I would never like the strong color on the wall. I said – it is same color, one shade LIGHTER, than the kitchen I had for 15 years, I will love it. And I always have.

  6. Oooo, such happy colors! Your place is adorable. And I got very excited to see quilts in your sewing studio of course. Although I’m mostly jealous about J. the contractor.

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