The Peaceable Kingdom

(an addendum to Her Majesty’s previous post.)

The enemy marauder has been driven from my kingdom. My manservant and lady-in-waiting snore continuously, and even the Big Oaf is more relaxed than usual. For the present moment, all seems peaceful in my kingdom. I am taking a well deserved rest upon my favorite throne.

Sophie on her double decker dirty laundry throne.

Sophie on her double decker dirty laundry throne.

(Editor’s note: We’re so glad we could be of service, Sophie.)



7 thoughts on “The Peaceable Kingdom

  1. LOL! Our old cat, Chloe, used to find piles of clothes or blankets and snuggle herself in them. We always had to check before sitting down or grabbing a blanket to not disturb her. Because not disturbing them is more important than our comfort, right?

  2. So cute. We usually take showers so we often lay clothes on the side of the tub. The other day a bunch of them fell in the tub and I came in and found one of our cats laying on them thinking that she had a big new cat bed. Then, she turned on the water and got everything wet….

  3. LOL!

    When I had my garden pillows upstairs during Winter, Bella claimed that as an extra bed, it was kind of a throne too.

  4. Love hearing about Sophie. Our furry friends bring us such joy. More photos please–of the dogs and the gardens.

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