Okay, Here’s Some Garden Pics

Well, I don’t know if I should rant more or less often : ) Thank you all so much for the kind comments. I wasn’t actually the receiver of any of the negative blogs or comments. I just get too riled up about that stuff sometimes.

Anyway, after I wrote that there was nothing worth photographing in the garden, I went out to see if there was anything snap worthy. I found a few things : )

This is the shade garden (right outside the front door. St. Francis has come back out for the summer.


The other side of the shade garden. The huechera have made a good show this year. And you can see the last of the white bleeding heart there.


This shot shows the outline of the new raised bed we MLG will put in. It will be made of cedar, so there will be a nice contrast of stone and wood in the garden. Again, MLG’s idea (for any new readers, MLG stands for the gardener guy who helps with all the heavy stuff. He is so good at doing things that other readers said he needed to be elevated above just ‘gardener. MLG stands for Master Landscaping Guy.)


Some columbine. They are some of the last plants in pots. I need to find a place for them in the ground.


My little apple tree! Isn’t it pretty? MLG made a little brick border for it, and then re-arranged my pots on either side of it.


This is the Campydown Weeping Elm. When they get mature they are really beautiful trees. I hope I get to see that! Those little pink flowers (Sweet Williams?) were ones I planted at the end of the summer. I was so happy to see that they made it through the winter!


Some blue perennial. Anybody? Name of plant? And what do you do with perennials? They seem to want to fall over. You can see I made them a little bamboo and yarn support system.


Honestly, this is the kind of thing that delights me in my garden. A little columbine that just self-seeded, and then actually grew enough to bloom!


So you can see, there really isn’t a lot going on in the garden right now. I seem to have a blue and yellow theme going on this year. Hopefully those little plants will take off soon. We had a flash thunderstorm here the other day (shades of Texas!) and it gave them quite a battering.



10 thoughts on “Okay, Here’s Some Garden Pics

  1. The blue flowers look like some type of bell flower (campanula). I would have thought the peach leaved variety but not sure if the flowers are quite right for that.

  2. Your garden is so lush already, and I’m totally jealous of your shade garden.

    Also, I love the evidence of dogs in the pictures – did someone leave an offering of a rawhide chew on (in the second pic)? And seeing the flash of Noah running made me smile.

    Oh, and I knew what MLG meant a long time ago, but in my head, I read it as “my little gardener” which means I am highly influenced by TV (and I don’t even WATCH My Little Pony!!)

  3. I love your garden!! It makes me happy just to look at the pictures, I can’t imagine how it makes you feel to actually be in it! 🙂

    MLG is awesome. He’s a keeper.

  4. I thought the blues were either campanula or lady bells (can’t remember the official name of those).

    Love the columbines, too!

    One of the best things about gardening are the surprises that the garden gives you. Unexpected plants in different places, different colored blooms or fun color combos. It’s always changing. I think when a plant grows somewhere that I didn’t put it, the garden is trying to tell me something.

  5. Oh, it’s all so pretty! I don’t think I’d even seen a columbine before this year, but the lady across the street has a whole bed of them that have come from one plant. I’m hoping she offers me some starts! 🙂

  6. So, so pretty! I love when you share your garden photos because I know there will be lots of pink and blue – my favorites.

    ITA on the mean comment thing. I don’t ever mind someone giving me a new idea or share what they think but I SO DISLIKE when I see negative, bossy, judgmental comments! Glad you ranted 😉

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