Recipe Review: Other People’s Recipes!

Here are some recent recipes I’ve tried that are truly excellent in the taste department, and not half-bad in the nutrition department either!

First up: a crockpot chicken salsa recipe. I’ve tried various versions of this recipe, but for some reason this one hit me just right! I think it had to do with the fact that the ratio of beans to chicken was not too high. I’m not a big fan of the bean, altho I have come to enjoy the flavor it can add to food (I don’t like the texture.) Anyway, the big (for me) change I made to this recipe was to substitute 8 oz (8 wedges) of Laughing Cow Lite for the 8 ounces of cream cheese. That is a savings of 520 calories for the recipe, (about 43 calories per serving.) I didn’t have limes, so they just got left out. The recipe also did not have “amount of servings” listed, so I figured that with 2 pounds of chicken and a can of beans, 12 servings seemed reasonable. Which figured out to only 150 calories per serving! (as always, I recommend you figure out your own calorie count.) Dividing the finished recipe into 12 servings was just right. And, it froze well–tasted just as good after thawing! I had this recipe in a wrap (I use La Tortilla 100 calorie wraps,) over a baked potato, and almost most awesome of all, I converted it into taco soup. I just took 2 or 3 servings, added whatever veggies I wanted, and 2 Tbsp of taco seasoning (yes, I use the pre-made stuff.) It was just delicious! This one’s a keeper. Anytime I can eat 12 servings of anything in a relatively short time period, you know its good.

Here’s another little tasty treat--Coconut and honey no-bake energy bites.Β And that is exactly what it is: LITTLE, TASTY, and a TREAT. Being a volume eater, I usually don’t go for LITTLE. But these are very satisfying (I can eat just one.) Be sure to do the calorie count yourself, but I came up with 80-100 calories each. The only change I made was to add some chopped walnuts. Oh, and I made some walnut butter to use in it (instead of peanut butter.) And I added a little salt : ) And I made half a recipe. Because 50 little energy bites is too much for a single girl. Another recipe that freezes just fine!

The latest recipe I’ve bookmarked to try is this Sweet Potato Chocolate pudding recipe. I do enjoy chocolate pudding, and I have too many sweet potatoes in the drawer right now, so I think I’ll try this one sooner than later. Its an intriguing idea, don’t you think?

12 thoughts on “Recipe Review: Other People’s Recipes!

  1. I will leave the experimenting with turning sweet potatoes into chocolate pudding to you, lol! But that crockpot chicken sounds so good, and I love the idea of using Laughing Cow cheese (which I really like) in it.

    Not even going to look at the treat recipe as it has my favorites in it and I don’t have as much willpower as you. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m with Shelley on leaving you to experiment with turning sweet potatoes chocolate but I just pinned that chicken recipe. As much as I love to cook, I hate it on Monday evenings so I’ve been making a crockpot recipe every week. Alouette has a Cilantro Lime and Jalapeno cheese that would put that recipe over the top I think!

  3. You’re so brave. I’m not ambitious enough to tweak recipes the way you do – I’m pretty hapless in the cooking department! πŸ™‚

    Let us know how that chocolate pudding/sweet potato thing works out!

  4. Mmmm, that chicken does sound yummy .. and versatile .. and freezable! Definitely have to try this one. Now I’m going to have to check out the Laughing Cow label vs. light cream cheese, which is what I normally use. I’m also not checking out the treat recipe, I’m struggling a bit with self control lately as it is.

  5. Let us know how that pudding turns out! I don’t have any sweet potatoes on hand, but I can get some. πŸ™‚

    One of these days I’m going to have to try adding cheese to my Mexican chicken recipe. I almost always add cheese to whatever I make with it anyway, so why not save a step? Does the LC cheese get all melty?

  6. Help please.

    Searching for a homemade taco seasoning recipe. I searched “taco” on your blog thinking a copy might be here too. That is how I ended up on this old post.

    I had saved a recipe link from blog called Tippy Toe, but it seems that blog is now gone. Was that a friend of yours? Is she still around?

    I checked the box, will see any comments you leave here for me.

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