Garden Doings

Lori’s weekly “What’s Blooming” posts always inspire me to go back out into the garden to see what IS blooming in my yard. I keep saying there’s not much going on, but brother, when you go out looking, its surprising what you’ll find!

Here’s the view that I see when I look out my window. You can see the shade garden in the foreground, and then the newer sun garden behind it, and then you can barely see the newest raised bed behind that. MLG was over bright and early this morning to finish that job!




And here it is. Its actually kind of hard to get a good view of this bed. I love all the angles he put into it (which made it a lot more work.) And I love the 2X6’s that he topped it with, so I can sit on it! You can see there’s one little black oak in the middle of it. For now we’re going to leave that in (its hard for either of us to cut down a tree.) But in July the tree guy is coming back, and he’s a little more ruthless with the trees. Oh, and you can see the “doggie room” back there. One of those things I should paint. We’ll see…


And look what visited us! I always have one or two little frogs each spring, but I’ve never had such a pretty one!


Here’s the Henry Lauder Walking Stick. I mostly took a pic of the pretty flower in front of it. I can’t remember what they are called. I just thought they were petunias, but they are a perennial–lucky for me!


I took a picture from below looking up at the Japanese Lantern bush. Its a little unsightly this year, but its a profuse bloomer. Must investigate how to prune this one.


And that most special plant, the star jasmine that was rescued from the dump pile last year! I thought it was dead, so threw it over the side of the hill, and MLG told me it was trying to grow! Its one of the plants I’ve had as long as I lived here, so its a little sentimental.


Here’s the bed by the front fence. It gets plenty of sun, so I planted a row of green beans today, and a row of dwarf sunflowers in the back. The pansies look so pretty in between Noah mowing them down…


And at the end of the row, I had just enough room for one zucchini plant. Oh, and there’s one tomato that I planted a bit ago. I also planted some giant sunflower seeds and some basil seeds.


Here’s some cheater plants. I bought them in full bloom from the nursery–a group of delphiniums, and a pot of foxgloves. I am going to plant them in the new bed with the pink rosebush my friends gave me. Won’t that be pretty next year?


And if you can believe it, while I was out taking these pics, what should flutter by, but this huge butterfly!! I tried my best to get a good close-up, but between his fluttering wings, Noah’s interference, and my inexperience, this was the best I got.


I love this little herb planter. It just has mostly lemon thyme, with a Greek oregano and a chocolate mint mixed in for good measure. Those vines growing up the fence are really weeds, but they bloom and look like morning glories, so I let them go. And that red thing behind the fence? That would be my car : )


Haha, under the “What month is it???” category, I have a couple of pots of chrysanthemums blooming!


And these are, I think, a type of delphinium. Such a beautiful brilliant blue, but the plant itself is very rangy. Maybe next year they will be a stronger plant. I am learning to be a little more patient in the garden (as evidenced by all the “next year” comments.)


And one last look at the new bed. I am going to stain the top railing (yes, I actually stained the sides already!) and then we will fill it with dirt and get to planting! That rangy bush in the front (flowering almond) is right next to the bed, and we are MLG is going to move it to a better location.


Wow, I guess there is a bit of action going on in the garden. I am enjoying learning more about planting, and what goes where, and perennials and seeds and whatnot. Its a hobby I loved when I was a kid and its so fun to be able to dig in the ground again.



11 thoughts on “Garden Doings

  1. I cannot believe all of the beautiful flowers! I want to come to live with you, EAT with you and sit out in the flowers!

  2. Deb…I have been out “looking” around my gardens this morning and it’s been so exciting to see what made it thru our Maryland winter. Then, I got on my computer and there your blog was. Your first photograph is fantastic….LOVE YOUR GARDENS. Now, is that a REAL frog??? Love the idea of adding the little top bench around your beds to sit on for a while. What stain did you use on your new beds? Keep the photos coming…..I know I am not the only one who enjoys them. mickie

    • Thanks Mickie! Yes that is a real frog. When I first saw it it was sitting on a piece of paper or something, and I thought it was just a leaf. I got the stain at Lowe’s–it has a golden tint to it. And the guy at Lowe’s warned me to NOT use it on the inside of beds that would grow food. That bed is not for food, but to be sure I did not stain the inside of the wood.

  3. You have a ton going on in your garden! It’s gorgeous! I love the delphiniums. I broke down and bought some, too, but they are just the baby ones. Not sure if they will bloom this year or not. I really would love an aerial view of your garden.

  4. That frog is so cool – it looks like one you see for sale as an ornament!

    Your yard looks so wonderful. Love Love LOVE all the planters and how everything is different levels and shapes – it looks a bit on the wild side, very natural, and so pretty. You not only have a green thumb, but a decorator’s eye when it comes to your yard!

  5. I have that exact same weed and thought it WAS morning glories (which here are considered weeds). I have pulled a lot of it over the years, but agree, if it happened to grow up a fence like that, I would leave it too.

  6. LOVELY!

    I have frogs in my pond every year, not as big as this one. But to be honest I don’t really like it because when I’m working in the garden they scare the hell out of me when they are hiding in the bushes and suddenly jump in the water. It’s a miracle I haven’t fallen in the pond yet because I was scared by them 🙂

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