Aerial Views(?) and Magic Bullet Question

Well, after Lori requested an aerial view of my garden, I went out and did my best by standing on the top rung of the ladder! I don’t know if these pictures show any more than the ground view photos, but here they are.

This picture shows the shade garden and the sun garden. You can see where the stone “courtyard” ends kind of abruptly, and you can see a stack of stones next to the sun garden. We are going to extend the stones, but keep them farther apart, kind of like a path? Also, you might notice the ever present hose in this picture. I have two hoses, and I am the opposite of obsessive compulsive about them. I’m not about to wind them up after each use when I am just going to have to drag them out to water again. Oh, and you can see the new house color and the old house color in this pic! J. the contractor just paints the outside of each room as he finishes the inside.


Moving just a little to the right you can see the new planter bed next to the sun garden. And you can also see the dogwood tree surrounded by stones. Those two clumps that look like bushes are just oaks that have been cut down. They keep trying to grow back. The stump grinder is coming with the tree guy in July. I can’t wait!


One more view. Kinda got all three gardens in this shot.


In this next shot, I was in the same place, but turned to the left so you can see the front area of the garden. We are going to move that atlas cedar somewhere, and probably take down a couple of the little oaks, and then that will be the next place we’ll build a planter bed.


And here I moved to the front, outside of the fence (that is a deer fence. Not pretty, but quite practical : ) ) I really like the way MLG terraced this area. It was all his idea. I just provided the bricks. If you look close, you can see the other hose laying out there. That front planter looks a little bare, but there is a lot going on under the surface : )


And a gratuitous Miss Bess shot. She is not that photogenic, so when I saw her looking particularly pensive, I grabbed my camera to try to get a good shot. If you’re trying to figure out what is going on in the background like I was, its just stuff–had to move everything out of my bedroom and closet in preparation for the work that’s going to be done there next week!


And for those of you with Magic Bullet experience, I have a question. I had a Magic Bullet for a couple of years, and used it frequently. It worked great, and it didn’t really wear out, but I wanted a new one, so got one on sale after Christmas. It had an extra blade, and even more cups to use. But one day I had a bunch of ice in there, and basically what happened was that the top and the base both spun around, but were not engaged, so they actually wore some of their gears off. (The gears look like they are made out of rubber or plastic.) So I was still able to use two of the blades. But now the same thing has happened to all three of them, so the machine is completely useless. My question is: have you had anything like this happen, and if so, has Magic Bullet been responsive when you called about a problem? I will call them tomorrow, but its not worth it to me to argue with them about who was at fault. The Magic Bullet is really really convenient for making my protein shakes and smoothies, so I want to replace it one way or the other.


15 thoughts on “Aerial Views(?) and Magic Bullet Question

  1. Debby, as a smoothie newbie, this may/may not be useful. Have only decided to try smoothies recently. After many recs/reviews got the Ninja QB1004 Master Prep Pro. (Model nbr important). $50-60 w/free ship from Amazn. Only used a couple times so far and nothing to compare it to, but works great to me. Made spinach/ice type smoothies.
    The more I see of your place inside/out, the more it fits my dream house criteria. Except I wouldn’t be able to keep up with all the gardens.

    • Debby, I agree with Jeannie on the Ninja master Prep Pro. it was half the price of the humungous Ninija Blender and takes up way less space. It has two stacking blades which blend up chunks of stuff. I bought it to make smoothies a couple months ago and it’s a champ! It also has a small food processor which works great too. For 30 years, I hated my Osterizer blender which never would blend up the whole bowl, and forget ice cubes. I’ve lost 12 pounds using it for smoothies for breakfast and lunch when I’m home.

    • I have a question. It looks like this model comes with two sets of blades? Is one of them capable of grinding coffee beans? I was using one of my magic jack blades exclusively for grinding coffee and the other for my smoothies. It would be nice to have one piece of equipment to serve two purposes. Thanks for the recommendation. After looking around for a couple of days, I am almost ready to go with this one! If it did both these things, it would be perfect for me!

      • It comes with a 48 oz pitcher which has its own 3 tier blades, a 40 oz pitcher with its own 2 tier blades, and a 16 oz chopper bowl with its own 2 tier blades (which for some reason is the only blade that separates into two pieces.) There is one motor which is used for all of them, plus various lids. The owner’s guide says “chopping blades can be used for chopping meat, fish, vegetables, cheese, etc. When chopping hard foods (e.g. meat, cheese) cut in to 1″ cubes.”
        Sooo … coffee beans? I dunno. You’d think they would specifically mention if it could do coffee. You could try putting that question under it on Amazon and see if anyone answers.

  2. Look at you risking life and limb to satisfy me. What a friend 😀

    Now I can envision the garden better when you talk about it.

    My magic bullet completely crapped out. The base broke, but we had it for years and got a different version, which is now falling apart. I want another bullet.

  3. I don’t have any experience with a magic bullet, but have a vitamix instead. I know they are crazy expensive, but I have found it to be worth every penny. It makes smoothies and a million other things so perfectly. But the reason I bring them up, is that they are american made and I have heard that the company is very very responsive to consumers. Their product has a reputation of lasting a very long time and they take it personally if anyone ever has a problem. Just a thought if you go looking for a repacement. I know qvc often has some deals. We bought ours at Costco. Your garden is fabulous. As a former ‘mountaain girl’, I love seeing your garden!

  4. Love the aerial views! And I also loved playing “I Spy” little doggies…what an oasis you’ve given them! Beautiful garden, beautiful yard. Although, I would roll up or heap the hose in one section because I absolutely KNOW I’d trip over it.

    No Magic Bullet over here so I can’t help you – I just use my Kitchen Aid blender. I kinda wish I had a MB, but at this point, I don’t have any extra space for another appliance.

  5. Hi Debby!!

    I so enjoyed sitting back and looking at your gardens! My goodness MLG has really accomplished alot! I don’t think i could handle the hoses laying all over……… i would have to roll them up…..nothing fancy…… just rolled up and put in one corner…… Something that might help is to plant drought tolerant , native plants as much as possible. That should really cut back on the amount of watering you actually have to do…..then you might feel like putting those hoses away a little….

    No Magic Bullet here……..I hope you find your answer………..Hugs!deb

  6. Daredevil blogger, that’s you! 🙂 Love the “bird’s eye” view!

    I don’t roll up my garden hose either. Fortunately, my neighbors don’t either. Since we’re in a subdivision, we do try to tuck them out of sight. 🙂

  7. The things we do for our blog 🙂 Love the aerial view of your garden, it gives such a different view on it. I still love the place where you live, you are blessed.

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