Pansy Parade and Pudding Report

After months (I am not exaggerating) of Noah mowing down every single pansy bloom, and me almost killing the pansies with my “treatments”–pepper, “Boundary” repellant for dogs, and Bitter Apple spray,– I decided to try feeding Noah some baby carrots every night in his supper. The little dogs get them every night. But Noah started urping them, and I had stopped giving them to him. I don’t know if its a coincidence, or its really a cure, but since I started feeding him the carrots again, he has stopped eating the pansies, and now all his “pruning” has rewarded me with the best crop of pansies I’ve ever had! Each little plant is like a bush full of flowers. Is there a better way to spend $3 than on a six-pack of pansies?












And the pudding report. Remember I mentioned that chocolate sweet potato pudding? Well, first I tried it substituting pumpkin for sweet potatoes. Because it turned out I didn’t have any sweet potatoes. I could still taste the pumpkin, so I didn’t like that too much. I did like that it was nice and thick. So a couple days later I got sweet potatoes at the store and tried again. I added a little more cocoa powder. It was good, but for me it was not worthy. The calories come out to between 170 and 200 per serving the way I figured it. You could divide it into smaller servings if you wanted. The thing about it is, that whole recipe is very healthy, so if you liked it, it would really be a good one to keep in the rotation. For me, I’d rather eat two walnut-stuffed dates.

8 thoughts on “Pansy Parade and Pudding Report

  1. The pansies are beautiful! How lovely to look outside and see that parade every day. Well, too bad about the pudding because it does sound healthy but I’m with you – sometimes there’s just something else I’d rather eat for the same calories.

  2. See, Noah was helping all along! The pansies are really pretty – love all the different colors!

    That’s a lot of calories for a “healthy treat” – like you, there are other things I’d rather have, than try choking down a funky pudding.

  3. Healthy is no bueno if it doesn’t taste good. 😀

    I love all those pansies! I have just the one container of them.

    • You’re welcome : )

      Yeah, I thought they were that too, but my neighbor had a big pot of them going through most of the summer. I’ve never kept them going that long. We’ll see!

  4. You can cook with pansies so I totally get Noah for eating them 🙂

    I remember that with my previous dog we had a pot in the garden with a strawberry plant. At first we didn’t understand that we didn’t get strawberries in it but then we busted her: she ate them 🙂

    Your pansies are lovely.

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