AIM: The Organized Approach

My whole life, pretty much, I’ve thought of myself as an unorganized person. It just was not a priority for me. But in thinking over this topic for the past month, I think my thinking was wrong. Yes, I am a procrastinator (most AIM posts are written Sunday evening a few hours before their Monday publication date.) Yes, I am sometimes messy (hey, I’m an artist–that’s how we all are, right : ) )

But I have come to the conclusion that I am somewhat organized. I like making lists. I like having a plan, and I like even more to have a back-up plan.

In all the house additions/renovations I have been doing, I have had to be organized. For the past two weeks, getting ready for my trip AT THE SAME TIME that I am clearing out an incredibly crowded bedroom and closet (bedroom/closet renovation are going to start while I’m out of town,) I have had to be organized.

But wait, I guess I’m supposed to be talking about how organization can help in weight loss maintenance. And that is one area where I am very sure that I am organized, and that it does help.

I try to grocery shop only once a week.

  • I don’t shop hungry.
  • I always have a list.
  • I shop the perimeter of the store to make sure I always have healthy options available in my house.

I like to cook, but I don’t like to cook every day.

  • I “batch-cook” proteins, and then wrap and freeze in individual portions.
  • I bake my low-cal breakfast treats, and then wrap each individually in foil so I can take them out of the freezer and put them directly into the toaster oven.
  • I have salad fixings on hand most weeks for the days I don’t even feel like cooking veggies.

I like to exercise, but I don’t always like to drive to the gym.

  • I organize my days so that if I have to go to town for something else, I add on a trip to the gym.
  • I’ve learned that if I don’t go to the gym first on those trips, it usually gets skipped (shopping wears me out : ) ) So I always go to the gym first.
  • I’ve added quite a few exercises to my PT (knee strengthening exercises) routine so it is a complete workout on the days that I don’t go to town.

Wow, I know it sounds like I have it all together. Some days, it all just goes out the window. Many days it is still a struggle just to maintain my weight loss. Having these organizational habits ingrained in my daily life help make maintenance manageable.

But just so ya know, I am leaving Sunday morning before 8am, and I am writing this post Saturday night at 10pm. The car is packed, and the bedroom and closet are cleared out. Procrastinator, yes. Organized, yes.

Be sure to check out my friends to see whether they think organization is necessary in the maintaining life.

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11 thoughts on “AIM: The Organized Approach

  1. I’ve always seen you as an organized person. To me, anyone who would even attempt to take their own food to a retreat or on vacation is organized!

    • Oh yeah,I forgot that one! LOL,this time I didn’t bring anything (all the meals are provided) so we had to stop for lunch on the drive down.I’ve never seen that many people waiting for their burgers! I was wishing I had brought my own food.

  2. I agree with Helen. I had no idea you didn’t think of yourself as organized! Sure, procrastination can set in, but you humble me with your post. You’re inspiring me to get my organizing mojo back 🙂

  3. To me, procrastination and being organized are unrelated. I know I use procrastination as a motivator to get things done, especially mundane tasks. Nothing makes something more exciting than leaving it to the last possible moment. I’m trying not to do that anymore, stressing myself out is counter-productive. I agree that planning is key in the whole weight loss/maintenance thing, and one of the things I struggle with accepting is the time I spend planning, cooking etc.

    • Oh I know exactly what you mean,Jeannie! I still remember vividly the feeling of resentment/despair that I had when standing too long (my back hurt) chopping veggies in the kitchen. At some point a switch happened and I thought of all this stuff as the new way that I got to do the cooking that I loved,and then I looked forward to it.

  4. How funny, I’ve always thought of you as being very organized! I think that stems from the cooking thing – I’ve admired how you can pull a real meal out of your freezer anytime.

  5. I am chiming in here like everyone else – you have always seemed to organized to me! I can preplan some stuff, but there are many times in life I am just flying by the seat of my pants.

  6. I can be very good at procastinating too but there comes the bonus of lists for everything: I won’t forget what I have to do and do it another day 🙂

    I love cooking but don’t like grocery shopping and with working 4 to 5 days a week I don’t want to go to the store every day. So I meal plan on Wednesday and do my groceries for the week on Thursday and always bring a list (well actually use a shopping list app).

    Hope your trip is fun.

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