The Bedroom Report

Hi all! I came back from my trip to Cambria and rug hooking camp to a brand new bedroom! Well, almost brand new. J. the contractor called as I was driving home to let me know it wasn’t quite finished. Me and the little dogs had a good time camping on my mattress on the living room floor Friday night! By Saturday at 4pm J. and the carpet guy had cleared out, and I had a brand new shiny squeaky clean bedroom. I almost hate to move anything back in there.

I think this picture shows the colors most clearly. As usual, I agonized over the colors–having to choose both carpet and paint this time. After visiting 4 or 5 carpet stores, and getting millions of samples sent to me, J. suggested that I go to a store in Sacramento that had some really good deals on remnants, since my room wasn’t’ that large. So I didn’t get anything at the first store, but I found this remnant that seemed “just the right color” at the second store I stopped at. Its a pale aqua. In addition, the price was right–it was about one quarter of what I had been planning to spend on carpet!! Then it was on to the paint color. I wanted a light coral, maybe erring a bit on the side of pink. I must have had 25 pink and coral color cards. You would think one of them would be perfect. Finally, I had a discussion with the paint lady about the formula for one of the colors. We went back and forth, and she custom mixed a sample for me. It was too intense, so after some phone conversations, where she actually mixed the paint while I was on the phone(!) she came up with something she thought I’d like. At that point, I had run out of time before I had to leave on my trip, so I said, “Just mix me 2 gallons of that, and I’ll pick it up tomorrow.” She was worried about doing that, but I told her if it was wrong, I’d paint over it, and I’d never tell her. Fortunately it was “just right.” I love it. The paint lady labeled it “Debby’s Perfect Coral.”


Here’s some before pictures that I snapped AFTER I had cleared out most of the stuff in the bedrooms. A big change, no?

That patch over the top of my bed is where J. had to frame in a window when he put the mudroom in.


And in this picture you can see the closet wall. When I bought the house, they put up that wall to give me a bigger closet. It was sheet rocked, but never painted. The closet “door” is one of those bi-fold doors. I never liked it.


The closet still needs to be finished. J. is going to install real closet innards, instead of the dressers and funky wire shelves that I had put up myself. The closet was also shortened, in anticipation of the next step–turning my little bathroom into a laundry room! J. borrowed almost 3 feet from the closet to make room for the washer and dryer. Now my closet is 7’X5′. Its still plenty big for my clothes. MIght be a little small for all the other stuff I store in there. But hopefully, with all the remodeling, all those things will find new homes.

So here’s the bedroom after I moved a few pieces of furniture back into the room. Now I need a new bed, or at least something to disguise the box springs. That little rug is the latest hooked rug I finished.


And in this photo, the hooked rug is one that my rug hooking friend brought to me all the way from Illinois! She found it at a farm sale for only $2. That is a big part of its charm. Plus, could it go any better with the color scheme here? Notice the “real” closet door there. I am in love with doors these days!


In Cambria, there was a high of 63-70 every day. I arrived home to a high of 103, and its been hot every day. Here’s the scene around here most of the time (and I’m sure you spied me in the mirror above wearing my “I don’t’ care what I look like, these are the coolest clothes I’ve got” ensemble.)

Sophie and Monk

Sophie and Monk




Bess and Sophie

Bess and Sophie

I had a great time on my trip. I’ll blog about that in a separate post. Otherwise this post would be impossibly long.

16 thoughts on “The Bedroom Report

  1. So, the vision of you sleeping with the little dogs in the living room cracked me up. Imagine if you had tried to sleep alone!

    How cool that you have your very own named paint color. That woman was a master mixer for sure.

    Everything looks lovely and I think a dust ruffle would solve your box spring issue. Just buy a neutral one so that when you change your beautiful quilts it always matches.

  2. Ooh la la, the bedroom report! 😉

    LOVE IT. The wall color is really pretty and I think it’s awesome that your paint lady worked so hard to get you the perfect color. The carpet looks great, too – in fact, all of your flooring is so pretty. Just seeing Noah on your wood floors makes me want to redo mine. I’m with Helen – find a dust ruffle and your box spring issues will be solved.

    The shots of all the hot dogs are so funny. Have they started giving you “the look” – you know, the one that says “FIX THIS NOW” – or are they just too hot to place (im)proper blame?

    Love your rugs and they both look so nice in the bedroom. Very sweet that your friend found such a nice one and traveled with it!

  3. Okay, here’s my dust ruffle issue. I had one years ago, but it was so hard to get on and off, and then because of the dogs, it would get so dingy… maybe they make them easier to put on nowadays??

  4. I love the puppers sleeping on the carpet! 😀

    Okay, you have a 7 feet by 5 feet closet? I am so used to old houses and their shoebox closets!!

    • Well, what happened was, when I bought the house, I asked if they could wall off the end of the bedroom so I could have a walk in closet. That was the ONLY closet in the house. Really. So that made it 5X10. Which really was very nice for storing all the stuff I needed to store. That’s why it seems so small to me now.

  5. Haven’t researched this yet, but I will when I get my new mattress/springs. I understand they have dust ruffles now that you can Velcro on between the top of the box springs and the bottom of the mattress. So when the layer of cat hair gets an inch thick, zzzzip, off it comes and into my wash! Way easier with my RA hands.

    The bedroom is fab! Everything so light and lovely!

    • Ahhh! That is exactly what I was thinking of! I even pulled out some fabric from my stash that I thought might work…

      LOL at the cat hair. I’m pretty sure that is what my dust ruffle looked like when I got rid of it. Now that you think of it, I guess there is a reason they’re called DUST ruffles.

      • Yes! I was going to suggest the velcro dust ruffle – I didn’t know if they were available for purchase, but you could make one with your skills, no problem. When you are finished, please make me one? King size. 😉

      • I know Bed Bath and Beyond carries a wrap around bed skirt for about $50 plus they have another one they call adjustable for $15. Might be worth looking into, although like Shelley says, you have good sewing skills so you probably could make your own.

      • How about a piece of muslin between the mattress/box springs that you wouldn’t remove generally, but then add a fabric dust ruffle with Velcro strips or dots to attach it to the muslin. You figure it out and tell me how it’s done. LOL

  6. I saw somewhere recently (probably Pinterest) that you can put a fitted sheet over the box springs in lieu of a dust ruffle. I abhor dust ruffles, so I thought this was a really great idea. It might be a good temporary solution if you decide eventually to get a dust ruffle later.

    Everything looks so pretty! I love that fun $2 rug. 🙂

    • Thanks for that tip! I had thought about doing that, but I didn’t know if it was “okay…” I think I will do that. Even better, I will just fold some fabric around and tuck it in. Because getting the fitted sheet off means I will have to move the whole mattress. And that is something that I don’t plan to do too often. Hmmm. Must put on thinking cap and try to figure out a solution. I have the fabric all ready!

  7. LOL, who knew I was writing a blog about dust ruffles! That’s one of the fun things about blogging. You never know what topic is going to pique people’s interests. Well, good idea Jeannie. If I figure something out, you know you’ll hear about it here first!

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