Cambria Report

Well, I’m just a little behind–reporting on a trip that I returned from almost 2 weeks ago… but I had a few photos that I thought you might enjoy seeing.

I go to Cambria every year or so for my rug hooking “fix.” There is not enough time in the day for all the hobbies I would like to indulge. Rug hooking is something that has always fascinated me, and I’m so glad that I decided to learn how to do it. In addition, Cambria is a lovely place to visit, and it is actually priced very reasonably for 5 nights in luxury accommodations, all meals, and instruction with a nationally recognized rug hooker. I sound like an informercial, don’t I? Believe me, no one’s paying me to say this!

Here is a shot of the front of the lodge. This is where our classes are held, and where we eat all our meals.


There are beautiful gardens surrounding the lodge, but I didn’t take any pictures of them this year. Here’s a link to a previous blog with pics of the gardens. Cambria is under a severe drought warning, and I didn’t think the gardens looked quite as lush as in previous years.

I did see this one little volunteer that I thought was just charming:


Here is the rug I am working on. It is (obviously) a geometric rug. I wanted to do something that was less stressful this year, since I have a lot of quilting obligations (and home improvements) that I have been working on. This project was just right for that!


On our way home, we stopped to see the elephant seals. All the young males were quite active! The sign said they were play-fighting to help strengthen their neck muscles for the real thing!




Mostly, though, the elephant seals were doing what they do best.


For what seemed miles and miles, they lolled on the beach.


The food that they serve at Cambria Pines is quite good, and I noticed that they never serve fried food. Their vegetables are always fresh, and they usually have a salad bar available. But, you know. Still, free food. And plenty of it. My “strategy” this year was to go and enjoy. I didn’t bring anything with me except my Quest Bars. I enjoyed all the food, especially the desserts : )

So here’s the interesting thing (to me, anyway.) I came home convinced that I had gained 10 pounds. I always wait a week to weigh after any travel, to get an accurate weight, and I had gained 4 pounds. Eek. But today, I am back to the weight I was before I left on the trip. I didn’t do anything special. I didn’t eat less than I usually do. I didn’t exercise more than I usually do. I just stuck to my normal (approx. 1300 calorie) diet, planned my meals every night, and got to the gym about 3X/week, walking and doing PT exercises in between.

So the question is… did I actually gain any weight on that trip?

13 thoughts on “Cambria Report

  1. Probably. But in the greater scheme of life, if food brings joy, then some of our joy should come from food……….just not ALL of our JOY! ha

  2. So glad you went and really enjoyed yourself. Yes, you gained weight on that trip but as the weight did not stay on, It was a temporary gain, similar to a gain you might have if you’ve had a day of salty food for example. As I live with someone who is a what I call a “normal” eater, I have come to believe that weight ebbs and flows just like most everything else. Temporary gain is not a real gain, just as temporary loss is not a real loss!

    Perhaps next year you should wait longer than four days to weigh yourself lol!

    • Now I’m wondering if the food was saltier than I am used to. Next year I’ll have to pay attention to that. I always thought it was just my system holding on to extra water because I was traveling.

      Maybe next year I’ll be relaxed enough that I won’t even feel the need to weigh myself!

  3. What Helen said. 🙂

    When I used to weigh myself after a vacation, I’d usually show a small gain. But after a few days of doing my (new) normal stuff–nothing extra–the weight would be gone. It really helped me learn to relax and really enjoy my vacations.

    Love the rug (so far) and the seals.

    • That is what I am trying to learn to do–RELAX and enjoy my trips. Part of that enjoyment is looking forward to different food than I usually eat. My experiments in weighing afterwards are helping with that, I think.

  4. I don’t think you really gained any weight of significance. That is, you gained on the scale a few pounds but they were easy to remove by simply doing what you do anyway.

  5. Now that you have the phrase rug hooker on your blog, you should get some awesome hits from the Google 😀

    Those seals are so cool! I would love to see them outside of a zoo.

  6. LOL due to Lori. When I eat food for a day or two which I don’t cook myself , I always gain a pound or so which leaves quickly. I attribute that to salt. So maybe it was a bit of salt, and a bit of dessert. 😀
    Liking the rug mucho! When I go to quilt retreats I like to take one project that is “just right” – meaning simple enough to not require a lot of thought when I am tired, but complex enough to be interesting. Is that the character of your rug?

  7. I looked up what rug hooking is and guess what: I did this as a child/teenager. I have made some pillows back then and remember I loved doing it back then.

    As for the weight: probably you gained a bit but you had a great time, great food and got back into routine when you got home and lost is already. In my opinion that’s a win-win situation so who cares you gained a little during the trip.

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