I Bought Another Diet Book

I bought another diet book. (Disclaimer: this is not a book review.) As I virtually thumbed through this book on my Kindle, the question that kept running through my mind was “why?” Why did I buy another diet book? What was I looking for? I’ve been dieting and/or maintaining for almost 10 years now. Did I really think I would find something new?

Was I looking for the magic bullet, just like the rest of America? If I just do this or that, I can eat whatever I want and still be thin and fabulous.

But what I really think I was looking for is reassurance. Reassurance that my thinking is not wrong. That I am doing the best I can. That it is okay to eat what I eat. Its okay that I am not as thin as the “American ideal” (haha–that’s a funny one, isn’t it? In our all-powerful country, a huge percentage of us are obese, but our “ideal” is borderline underweight.)

This book provided that reassurance.

There are so many voices out there on the inter webs yelling at us that their way is the only way. That their way is the best. If only you would eliminate this or that food, you would be cured of all your aches and pains and you would be thin and rich (okay, that’s a little bit of an exaggeration.) I admit it–sometimes I get lost in the melee. I start to doubt myself. I wonder if what I have learned over the years is true. This book provided a voice of reason, backed by the author’s solid scientific background and years of experience in the weight loss and weight loss maintenance field.

Maybe another time I’ll review this book, but for now I’ll just tell you that I recommend it. Its chock full of good and true helpful information for the person who wants to lose weight and maintain that weight loss.


15 thoughts on “I Bought Another Diet Book

  1. Well, you know how I feel about this book. I’ve read it through once and then part way again. I have it on my Kindle too. You explained it in a great way and I too find myself reading this blog or that and questioning myself. I have worked with several different registered dieticians in m life and they never suggest avoiding any food group or restricting any particular thing entirely . They also tell me that with my starting weight of 345 and lifelong history of obesity that being below 200 pounds is very unlikely. This is NOT what you read across the blogs, but I believe it to be true. I find myself on occasion commenting from this mindset, but it seems odd sometimes and doesn’t fit the low carb, no grain , restrict mindset that most blogs have. There are some excellent writers and persuasive bloggers out there, but I have to remember who I am and what is true for me.

    • I love your thoughtful comments, PJ. And that is so interesting that an RD would make that statement about the weight. It makes sense, and it makes me feel better about the weight I maintain. But you sure don’t hear that out there anywhere much.

      I think your blog is where I heard about this book in the first place!

    • LOLOL. I knew you were going to do a review. I thought about emailing you to coordinate. Guess we didn’t even have to email–mind melding : )

  2. Debby…as soon as I read your article, I wanted to SEE the book. I cannot believe I am STILL one of those dieters who is looking for the next MIRACLE. Blah Blah Blah I think I have every diet book that has been published in the last five years, AND every supplement I’ve seen on TV that is going to help me lose weight fast AND without being hungry. ha ha Did I say in just 30 days too.

    I have found that the best thing FOR ME is to make the best meal choice possible. I don’t always do it, but I am much better at doing this once I set my mind about choices. Simply paring down the calories of foods when I am preparing something is a big help–a no brainer when you start doing this. A little less fat, broiled, lots of herbs and spices. It’s a v e r y s l o w way to lose weight though….but at least I am not gaining.

    But the truth is I DO NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT. I feel it every time I bend over, climb the stairs, walk, etc. This is so maddening.

    Debby, we have learned from you that perseverance is key. Please keep your blog going as your friends out here need to hear from you.

    • Micky, this is a good reference book. It contains information on some topics that most books don’t touch on. Be sure to read Lori’s (Finding Radiance) review later today for a more thorough review!

  3. I bet part of why you bought the book was for reassurance, yes – but also, I think that even with 10 years of success under your belt, it’s still good to bring things up to the forefront of your thinking every now and then…I know for me, getting too complacent about anything ends up being a recipe for, well – not disaster, but not exactly progress, either.

  4. I’m pretty sure in my own lifetime I’ve been through every “fad” there is when it comes to eating: low fat, high fat, low carb, high carb, vegan, Paleo, Primal, etc., etc., etc. And I’ve tried many of them looking for THE answer. Sometime around the last time I bought a diet book (or maybe it was a magazine) was when I started feeling I was done with “dieting.” But I so understand that urge to be vindicated in what you’ve chosen for yourself.

    And now I can’t wait for Lori’s review!

  5. I enjoyed reading that book. I wasn’t looking for a miracle diet book, but I read that author’s blog and like his take on things. I did actually get a few things from it (I particularly liked his suggestion to not wait until you are hungry to eat — I’ve incorporated that one). I liked also his emphasis on using a plan where you enjoy living your life. I do agree that having a long term sustainable plan is important. At the same time, I do think that weight loss does involve some sort of limitation. That is, I could easily eat enough calories per day to gain and gain and gain and I would enjoy that kind of eating. I can’t just eat all the cake every day and still lose weight. So, yes, I need a plan I can happily life on for life, but at the same time that plan does involve some limitations in how much I can eat and in the food choices I make.

  6. I like your reasoning for reading this book. I read a lot of diet books and then wonder what I’m looking for, too. I know what to do and how to do it. It’s the reassurance and maybe a little bit of learning something new if that’s possible.

  7. Most times I find some kind of useful info in diet books unless they are totally off the wall. I read a book recently though that I wouldn’t have considered a diet book, but none the less it had great info on living healthy. It was called A Physician’s Apology by Tom Schneider. He is a Doctor and was a patient. Just an interesting read on why being healthy is so important when it comes to your health care. ihealthspan.com is his site, it has some info there too. If you have any good recs for useful diet books let me know!

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