A Day to Remember

There is so much to write about this day that I have delayed writing this post. I don’t know how to start. Shall I start at the end and go backwards, like that famous episode of Seinfeld? No, I don’t think I’ll do that. That episode was a little confusing to me.

I think you all know I blog occasionally for The Quilt Show as “The Healthy Quilter.” The Quilt Show is hosted by two very well-known personalities in the quilt world–Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims. It so happens that Ricky is a very old friend from another world. Over 30 years ago, when I was a “famous” cocker spaniel breeder, Ricky bought a dog from us, and I showed her for him.

One of our most well-known dogs, Max, on the cover of the American Cocker Review magazine.

One of our most well-known dogs, Max, on the cover of the American Cocker Review magazine.

Me showing Ricky's dog, Vanilla.

Me showing Ricky’s dog, Vanilla.


Another of the Cocker Spaniels I owned and showed.

Another of the Cocker Spaniels I owned and showed.

(And yes, I know you will all be interested to know that that is me at my lowest adult weight–about 125 pounds. I did not learn how to eat and maintain that weight loss. I remember thinking “I can’t even eat 4 string beans without gaining weight.”)

I ended up in Wichita Falls, Ricky’s hometown, and we were very good friends for a few years. And then I went to nursing school, graduated, and moved back to California. The end.

Only it wasn’t. About ten years ago, when my best friend dragged me into the world of quilting, I started hearing Ricky’s name. What the what? He was a quilter now, and a pretty famous one at that! It wasn’t until about three years ago, when we were attending the same quilting event that I went up and re-introduced myself to him. And a couple of years later, after hearing about my “healthy living blog,” he invited me to be “The Healthy Quilter” on TQS blog.

I got to know Alex through taking a workshop from her. When I showed her a couple of my current quilts, she was very complimentary and asked if I would like to teach, and if so, would I be interested in being on an episode of The Quilt Show–a bi-weekly internet “television show” about quilters.

The quilts I showed Alex:



I thought about that for a while. I have taught in a lot of different areas of my life, and I do enjoy teaching. But it is hard work. Did I want to devote time to doing that?  Eventually I decided that I would like to try, and I talked to Alex again about how to go about doing that.

And then one day a few months ago, I got a call from Ricky. Would I like to be a guest on The Quilt Show? Would I? As I said to Shelly, the producer, I am their “Number One Fan” (LOL–think Kathy Bates in Misery.) The Quilt Show started right about the time that I got rid of my television, so it was my only “tv show” for a while, and I really looked forward to every new episode.

To be continued…

Sophie says "Harumph. Those fancy schmancy dogs don't hold a candle to my majestic nobility."

Sophie says “Harumph. Those fancy schmancy dogs don’t hold a candle to my majestic nobility.”


15 thoughts on “A Day to Remember

    • You made me LOL. 27–not exactly baby. But I was about the most innocent naive 27 year old you could find : )

  1. My first ever Comment! I love reading your blogs and following your life ie. remodeling, flowers, gardening, etc. I found you about a year ago on The Quilt Show and then subscribed to your blogs. Now I read every thing you write and try some of the recipes. I live in the foothills in Nevada City and it sounds as if you live in the foothill too. I am a quilter, on a weight loss journey (35 pounds) and love dogs (three Boxers). Thank you for all you share. It is fun and brings a smile.

    • Boxers! You might guess that they are a breed I really like, since I have pugs. One day maybe I’ll have a Boxer.

      Yes, I live a little further south, but at the same elevation as Nevada City, in Pine Grove. Maybe one of these days we’ll meet up at a quilt show!

  2. Very excited for you. Follow your blog. I struggle with being overweight. Love to quilt and love your quilts even more. Also own three jack Russell’s & two kitty’s . (I live on a ranch in SW MT). Very excited to watch your show. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Well – leaving us in suspense now?

    You should talk with my sister. You would have lots to talk about.She loves Clumbers and just got the new pup this year for showing. She has also been showing a friend’s dog (which I can’t remember the breed).

  4. Ack… holding my breath for part 2. 😀
    Loved seeing the older photos. When I was a kid we had a great dog named Missy. She was a cocker spaniel, white and light brown with a spotted tummy. Still remember her fondly.
    Sophie… her majestic nobility is so cute!!

  5. Now I can’t wait till the next post because I’m curious.

    It’s great to see old pics of you. Cocker’s are fun, my sister in law has one.

    And I remember I need to show you our latest commercial because it has a Mr. Monk in it:

    The commercial is in Dutch but the story is about the dog that don’t want his bosses to go on vacation which they decide not to do in the end but instead stay home for home improvement (my company is the biggest DIY company in Holland)

  6. OMGOMGOMG! That is so cool Debby, I am very excited for you. Was always curious how you got the Healthy Quilter gig. (Which is how I “met” you.) Can’ wait to read part 2 but I am already late out the door.

  7. What beautiful dogs–I am a cocker lover—I have had four in my lifetime and hope to never be without one….and I quilt too–no wonder I was lead to your blog…..Vanilla is so beautiful—does Ricky talk about her on your show???? I hope so…

    • Well, welcome to the blog! I’m not sure if Ricky specifically talked about Vanilla except for what I said–she was the dog he bought from us, and that’s how we met. So you still have cockers! Because of where I live, I don’t think I’ll ever have a cocker here. I love their long hair, but it would be a nightmare to take care of with all the vegetation on the ground here!

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