Stuff in the Garden

First, an overview of the sun garden. Its a rather messy jungle this year. A lot of the petunias were volunteers, which I am enjoying a LOT. But some of the plants just look messy–either I need to move some of these plants to other locations or just delete them. Feel free to chime in with advice and/or opinions.


Next: what is this plant? I waited and waited for it to bloom. It was a nice sturdy looking plant, but took forever to bloom. I’m not sure why I bought it last year. Could it have been another color and then reverted to white this year??


Close-up of the blooms:


I love this petunia–appropriately named “Apple Blossoms.”


The squash blossoms always amaze and surprise me–so huge and beautiful in the early morning. They almost look like a daylily!


Speaking of which–look at what surprised me!


I am loving these fringed daisies! I bought two 4 inch plants last fall, and they are already pretty big bushes!


A new plant! I need to get something for it to climb on. I was told it will die at first frost. My plan, if I am so organized, is to pot it up and take it to my mom’s house in the bay area for the winter.


And, I got another of my favorites–a morning glory. Lets hope it does a little better than last year’s plant, which refused to bloom most of the summer.


What are these plants called? I like them when I see them other places. But in my garden they are messy and unruly.


Caught in the act!


“What??? I was just SNIFFING them!”


And that’s what’s happening in the garden this week. If you are a gardener, be sure to spend some time just enjoying your blooms. I find that I spend a LOT of time looking down at the dirt–does it need more water? does it need to be broken up? are there too many weeds? And then I remember to stop and look up. Ahhh. That’s what a garden is all about!


14 thoughts on “Stuff in the Garden

  1. Debby…the white flowered plant looks like a Summer Phlox. Plant something of similar height and bright color next to it and it will sparkle. Love the morning glories and the doggies.

  2. As others have said this looks like my garden phlox. I have it in bright pink but I know God also makes it in white. It is very fragrant and reseeds a itself. I love it.

  3. I think that plant is phlox. Ours started out a pink/lavender color, then came up white the following year. the pink must be a hybrid color. Your garden is lovely. Gardening takes a lot of work, but the rewards are many.

  4. Thanks for all the answers. Now I’m pretty sure that it was pink when I bought it–most of the plants I bought last year were pink! Its okay as white, and I like your idea, Mickie. The key is finding a plant that will be the right height and also bloom at the same time…

  5. Hi Debby!

    Did you put weed barrier down when you planted your plants? I ask cause i think some of what be bothering you might be grassy weeds? Its hard to tell from the picture. Were you hoping for a more structured garden?? Maybe you just need to deadhead or pick the dead blooms off and tidy up…..maybe thats what bothering you? But honestly i think the garden looks wonderful. Lots of things blooming at once. Maybe you’d like more space between your plants? A garden is a mystery that you solve over time my friend. You’ll figure out what you love……Hugs! deb

    • LOL. You have a good eye. That “grassy weed”–that’s a plant that I actually bought last year. It was a cute little decorative grass that appealed to me. It was only about a foot tall. Now its 5 feet tall and just falling over. I either need to get rid of it, or plant it somewhere besides the flower beds!

      • NOW i remember what that ‘grassy’ plant is called.. Gaura and i have seen it in the garden center where i worked. Ofcourse its in a small pot there and i always liked it but now that i see it BIG in your garden i’m not so sure. Does it produce alot of blooms? Is bloom to plant size ration good? If you did move it it would give you room for something more structured… That guara likes sun and is a drought tolerant plant so if you neglect it just a little it might produce more blooms.. Hugs! deb

  6. I have had such trouble with phlox, so I dont’ grow it anymore. It always gets powdery mildew on me. I don’t spray for it, which is why I get it in a more humid summer. Your garden is lovely! I think that first bit just needs to be thinned out a bit. It looks very cottagey and homey.

    I spend a lot of time touching in my garden. Weeding, yes, but I run my hands over blossoms, particularly the coneflowers and globe thistle just because I like how they feel (and they can take being poked at LOL ).

    • That’s interesting about the phlox. I had mildew on my flowering almond this year. In fact, I used a whole bottle of stuff on it, and its still there. But the phlox looks extremely healthy.

      Love the idea of touching in the garden. And I especially like the whiffs of scent from things like basil, sweet woodruff and my corsican mint. Just barely there scent.

  7. Debbie, the plant that you think looks “messy and unruly” in your garden is called gaura. To me, the flowers look like butterflies wafting in the breeze. Enjoy them!

    • Thanks Christine. Yes, that is a good description–I used to think these were butterfly bushes. I think it just needs to find another location where it can do its own thing!

  8. I’m not qualified to help anyone on their garden. Except perhaps for an occasional ID of a shade plant. I really like the white fringed daisies too!

  9. Love your garden. I take a look in mine every day in Summer and noticed I really need to weed this weekend too 🙂 but I can overlook that easily and just enjoy the flowers.

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