The Summer of Ceviche


DSCN1650I think this will be my favorite dinner this summer!

  1. No stove cooking.
  2. Minimal prep time.
  3. Low cal light dish that tastes luxurious.
  4. Recipe makes 3 servings–three dinners ready to go!

Here’s all the ingredients you need to gather. Thaw the pre-cooked salad shrimp and microwave the corn ahead of time. Then just chop and combine.


I don’t need to belabor the point. I think I’ve talked about this recipe enough on this blog. But its worth repeating–DELICIOUS!! I love it so much I just eat a bowl of it by itself. That does it for me. But if you wanted to, you could make yourself some tortilla chips to go with.



7 thoughts on “The Summer of Ceviche

  1. Jeff has fallen in love with ceviche – I think he had it in Austin and that was IT. Poor guy will never get it homemade, as fish/seafood = ick for me.

    • Well you should tell Jeff about this recipe–with his cooking chops, it would be easy for him to assemble. And bonus for you–pre-cooked shrimp, so no fishy smell in the house!

    • Well, you know its not true ceviche. I use pre-cooked shrimp. I haven’t been able to convince myself that citrus juice will “cook” shrimp.

  2. I love to marinate vegetables in a bright, fresh lime juice dressing, just like other cooks would prepare fish for ceviche. In summer, toss the dressing with fresh corn, shelling beans, tomatoes and nectarines.

  3. Except for the shrimp it looks good 🙂 I don’t like seafood at all. But it’s always nice to have an easy Summer dinner for warm Summer days.

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