Early Morning in the Garden

This is the shade garden. You can see where we moved the smaller Japanese Maple out and I replaced it with a pot of coleus and a fast growing hanging plant.


My oldest lace-leaf Japanese Maple is doing very well this year.


I went outside the fence to get this pic–I like the fringed daisies with the blue delphinium (they are a type of delphinium–not as showy as the big ones, but they have a beautiful blue color.)


Volunteer sunflower. And the great plant hunter there in the background.





A close-up of the honeysuckle. I’m so happy that this vine is doing well this year. Last year it got over-whelmed by the tomato forest and the deer.DSCN1679

I like these little vignettes of volunteer petunias. Oh, and see that lantern there? I got a set of 8 of those from Costco, and at night I look out my bedroom window and it looks like a fairyland out there!

The phlox plant (thanks for the I.D.!) is doing extremely well. Now what? Am I supposed to divide it next spring? Oh, you can see a good view of the dog room there. The latest thing I talked to J. the contractor about is using my old window air conditioner to install in their room. Oh brother. What I won’t do for those dogs. But practically speaking, then I don’t have to worry about leaving them out there when I travel and we are having a heat wave.


My “pesky” lantana is doing very well. One reader (I think from Australia) mentioned that they were considered a pest plant over there. I can understand that. But here they die every winter, so they are just an annual. And I love them. I have three of them this year. Oh, and that is my little basil forest in the back there.


St. Francis and the front of the shade garden. There is another variety of lantana.


So we moved a couple of the Japanese maples, and now there is a whole curved row of them. It looks better in person.


This is the time of year that I get weary of the endless watering. I told MLG “no more gardens for now!” Our next project is just a little stone work, and then we are going to talk about putting in a drip watering system.

And that’s what’s happening in the garden right now. I have harvested 5 cherry tomatoes, 4 green beans, and a few zucchini (a miracle considering Sophie demolished an entire zucchini plant single-handedly.) I’m hopeful to be enjoying a few more fresh vegetables in the near future!


12 thoughts on “Early Morning in the Garden

  1. I love playing I Spy with your garden pictures…of course I’m looking for the dogs (pug drinking water! the Queen!!), but I like seeing all of your fun garden accessories amidst your beautiful plants and flowers.

    P.S. Paco is demanding his own dog room. With A/C and private door. Sheesh! I really shouldn’t let him read your blog anymore…

    • LOL. I could arrange for some private time for Paco and the Queen in the dog room…. the only thing the little dogs like about the dog room is the treats they get when they go out there. Noah loves his private sofa.

      • Paco could bring his favorite cookies from NC! LOL on Noah and his private sofa. You KNOW he’s thinking “finally, that lady gave me what I deserved”!!!

  2. It’s really looking beautiful now! When I lived in CA I loved having lantana in pots. I had no idea they were pest plants elsewhere.

  3. So gorgeous! Is that fencing up to keep the doggies out or for plant support?

    I can send you some of our water. We are in for a couple more days of rain and you know how green it is right now!

    Have you considered installing a drip irrigation system? Then you wouldn’t have to water by hand so much.

    • Oh the green-ness. Its so beautiful. Yes, send a storm or two this way.

      The fencing is “deer fencing.” I put it up years ago to keep the deer out. It does keep the doggies in the yard, and it does work pretty good for plant support too. Its not very picturesque. The little fences are supposedly to keep the dogs out, but Noah steps over them, and the little dogs walk through them. sigh…

      Yes, a drip system is next on our agenda. I tried my best to “become one with the watering” but I told MLG its not working : )

  4. I have a drip irrigation system with this new house… first time ever for me…… and i must say i like it. Some of the newer plants i’ve planted are not tied to the drip system and i don’t mind that as i enjoy some watering but at least i don’t have to water everything. I’d say at least put your large plants on a drip system…ie.. shrubs , bushes and trees…… Then that leaves a little piddling in the garden for you not hard core watering every day. Hugs! deb

  5. *sigh* It’s all so gorgeous!! I just want to roll around in all those flowers, but then that would probably kill them so I’ll just continue to admire them from afar. 🙂

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