The Closet

So J. the contractor was back last week! We went over all the plans for the new kitchen addition and the bathroom and laundry room re-do. J. was interested when he saw the “outdoor shower.” It was here when I first moved in, and it has been a great place for me to have hot and cold water to give the dogs baths over the years. I was like “NO, I DO NOT TAKE OUTDOOR SHOWERS!” And then he explained about the whole construction thing, and I was like “Oh, yes! I will be happy to take outdoor showers!” This is going to be quite an adventure.

Anyway, the main reason he came over was to install the closet that he made. He mentioned that he had some nice pine, and I said I liked pine. I didn’t mention that I like NATURAL pine. Oh well. First contractor mis-communication. He stained it nicely. Other than that, I LOVE it. I never had open shelving before, so I was very unsure of that. Now I understand. It is like legalizing leaving your clothes out! I had him build the pull out drawers because I was so unsure of the open shelving. I’m sure they’ll come in handy for something or other. I also like the cubes I had him build. They are just the right size for the Ikea baskets. I really liked them when I got that set for the studio. They are a very nice way to contain and hide things.

The open shelving and the slanted shoe rack–ooh, I love the slanted shoe rack too. Notice how every single shoe I have left is completely flat. Yesterday I tried to wear a pair of sandals with a one inch heel, and my knee hurt too much. They are in the thrift store pile now. : (


The hanging rod. Oops, my drawing was not exactly to scale. I have a few things that are longer than the space I allowed. I might ask him about fixing that later.


The best part about all this construction? Its forced me to clean things thoroughly. And at least for a while, I am determined to NOT mess the spaces up. So nothing goes in the closet without a good reason for it to be there!


9 thoughts on “The Closet

  1. Am very envious of your slanted shoe rack. Love it so much! (the OCD in me is bothered by the sandals that are not paired L/R, and also I think you pink Crocs are backwards as well…seriously, that was the first thing I noticed!)

    I wonder if he could remove that extra shelf and just move the hanging bar higher? Don’t feel bad about misjudging the clothing length; I did that in a previous closet, too.

    Oh, and with stacking clothes on the open shelves? I really want the T-shirt folder (works for sweaters too) from Container Store so mine can be all symmetrical and stacked all pretty. I swear, next time I’m in the DFW area Ima get one!

  2. Oh my. That closet is dreamy, especially the shoe rack. I dream of having a nice place to put all my shoes one day. For now the problem is that I would need a shoe rack the size of that double shelving to the left of it in the photo up there 😉

    I think the couple of things you don’t like are easily fixable as it seems your handy man is QUITE handy!

    • I know, my shoe collection has dwindled to a pitiful amount as I got rid of my heels one by one. I need to start replacing them with some flats. They’re not as fun to buy though, you know.

      Yes, J. the contractor is quite handy. His stock answer to whatever I ask is “anything can be done.”

  3. Dang – that is a nice closet. You and Shelley with the big closets. Me and my old house where people didn’t own hardly any clothes and had tiny closets.

  4. Very nice closet! I actually bought a closet for all my shoes, it’s normally used for clothes but I only use it for shoes but then again I’m pretty addicted to shoes. I had to laugh at Shelley’s comment and go back and take a look. I hadn’t noticed.

    Enjoy your new closet.

  5. We are picking up after ourselves and calling each other out to keep things clean after our big clean up. My closet is immaculate, but my dog pouts because there isn’t piles of clothing to nest in on the floor.

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