The Relentlessness of Food

Lately I’ve grown a little weary of the endless counting/journaling/calculating/decision-making nature of the way I choose to eat and control my daily meals. Food–its just relentless! Its always there. You can’t live without it.

Even when you decided almost 10 years ago that a certain food item is not healthy and you don’t need to have three a week and in fact you very very seldom ever eat one (hamburgers,) ten years later they’re still there, and you find yourself still wanting one too often. Even the “good stuff”–whole, healthy non-processed foods–if there is too much in the house at one time, its easy to eat too much of that stuff too.

I know its a temporary feeling. I’m not on any type of slippery slope. I just wanted to put that out there–its relentless. It never ends. Its wearying.

15 thoughts on “The Relentlessness of Food

  1. It never gets easier we just get better at dealing with the decisions on how we are going to eat every day. I also believe in daily renewal. Take care.

  2. I sooooo get this! Even when eating only when hungry and stopping before fullness, food is relentless.

    This is exactly why I needed to stop doing that, for now. And it’s why I say if I get through my 12-week workshop without gaining weight, I’ll have a hard won victory. If I can do that, maybe I can lose a little without counting all time.

      • OK, I will write more about it. It’s pretty deep which is why I haven’t written much I think. I also think people are so desperate for THE answer and that THE answer is different for all of us, it scares me a bit to share. But for you, I will!

  3. Yes, I whole heartedly agree. I get resentful of the “pull” certain foods have on me. That’s why I stay connected to others like me in a 12 step group.

    • Yeah, I think my blogging community is what works for me. It provides a certain amount of accountability, and a lot of encouragement.

  4. I hear you, loud and clear on this. But I think it’s that way with everything – some days, I don’t want to do anything. Let my dog outside? Resent. Let the cats in and then five minutes later back out? Ugh. Sometimes things just get OLD. And then, without anything changing, those same things don’t seem to bother me. It’s just life.

    • LOVE this thought! You are exactly right. Its just that I write about the food/health /diet stuff. Like my sign next to the front door: “schedule for the day: let the dogs out, let the dogs in, let the dogs out, let the dogs in… And I also remember one time pretty early in my nursing career, where I thought to myself (and said it out loud, I think) “if I have to flip the top off of one more medicine bottle, I’m going to have to quit.” Fortunately, they came up with unit dose medications soon after that : )

  5. Going through exactly this right now too!! I’m taking a break for a week. Not thinking about anything – just going with the flow. Hopefully the break will allow my motivation to come back strong again.

    Maybe it’s the heat that’s making us all cranky/weary? :/

    • Well, we’re having some lovely cool weather here this week, so I don’t’ have that excuse. But thanks for sharing–misery loves company, you know!

  6. Yep, I am on that slippery slope,however, and sliding. I just get so, so tired of measuring or tracking or whatever. Intuitive just does not work for me, so I don’t have an alternative.

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