Garden Vignettes

I just love these little flower vignettes when I am inspecting the garden. So many of them include surprises–that just increases the joy! The nasturtium are volunteers from last year.


I planted the pale yellow petunia and the blue lobelia, but the deep magenta petunia was a volunteer hybrid too.


More petunia volunteers next to the salvia.


What’s wrong with this picture? That little volunteer pansy that survived, despite the heat and the crowded planting, and Noah’s pansy munching. Delightful!


All the colors of nature go so well together!


A new plant–gallardia. I like the solid yellow color of this one. Reminds me of cone flowers–maybe I’ll have better luck with them. You can see I got a few ground covers there. I’ve got a couple of places that aren’t so good for the flowers–I’m hoping the ground covers will take off.


The volunteer morning glory. It is absolutely this brilliant in real life. Next to a white petunia that I actually planted, and a volunteer marigold.


Here is a view of my green beans and one of the tomato plants. I am getting just enough vegetables to enjoy something for dinner almost every night.


The honeysuckle is holding its own against the humongous cherry tomato plant!


And the morning glory that I planted gives me a few pretty blooms every morning. This vine REALLY likes full sun. Next year it needs to go someplace else.


And that’s what’s happening in the garden this week!


15 thoughts on “Garden Vignettes

  1. So pretty! I especially love the morning glory. They always remind me of my grandmother who loved them and had them every place she lived.

  2. Keep the garden photos coming. They are so beautiful and help me get the day started right. More doggie shots too please.

  3. Love love love the garden variety. And yes, I have that same brilliant morning glory which amazes me every day it blooms. It is just electric!!!! Your variety warms my heart too!

  4. Yes morning glory does like the sun! Also if you keep it on the dry side it will produce more blooms! Lovely flowers Debby! Thanks for sharing! Hugs! deb

  5. I love your pretty, pretty fleurs!! I wonder if my boss would mind if I printed out your pictures and plastered them all over the office? That would certainly make ME happy. 🙂

  6. I think one of my favorite things about gardening are the surprises. Nature comes up with all kinds of combos that I wouldn’t think to put together, but nothing ever looks bad in nature.

  7. These flower photos are absolutely gorgeous. You can’t really improve on nature for beauty, but why is it that I keep wondering how the pictures might translate into a quilt??

  8. Deb…how do I access your quilt blog.I am a quilter also, so would love to see your stuff. Love your hooked rugs.

  9. In our family, morning glories are a good harbinger of the day to come … we check the plants and say with excitement, “It’s a 7 morning glory day!”. A horrendous hail storm ripped apart the few flowers and plants I have on Sunday. So now I am enjoying the garden posts even more. I love that yours is color and abundance.

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