Up Close in the Garden

We finally had a break in the weather, and this morning it was downright cool! Felt lovely. As I inspected the garden, I was inspired to grab my camera and try out the close up lens.

Lantana love (exactly how many pictures can one person take of Lantana?)


A different bloom on the same plant:


And a bloom from a different lantana:


Petunia love. I love this petunia so much. It doesn’t photograph as beautiful as it is in person. The blossoms are extra large and have a heavier look than most petunias. And then of course, there’s the whole “its apple blossom colored” thing going on.



I love that they’ve been able to add yellow to the petunias. We had a few drops of rain this morning!




Moss rose. One of the few blooms on the plant. The Queen thinks they are a delicacy.





Squash blossom! These are soooo huge and sooo vibrant. I guess the little ants like them too.


The Japanese lantern plant.


And SQUEEEE!!!! I have a rose bush, and it actually bloomed!!




8 thoughts on “Up Close in the Garden

  1. Those are some gorgeous pictures!! You should print them out and frame them to hang on your wall. Or you could just send them to me and I’ll hang them on my wall. 😉

  2. Beautiful! I thought of you this morning when I was out walking as I went by a house that had morning glory vines all over their fence that had both pink and purple blooms! Because I had decided to do a quick walk I didn’t have my camera with me otherwise I would have taken a photo just for you 🙂

    • That was one of my favorite pictures too. Its not as flashy as some of the other flowers, but its just perfect. Its a huge, fast growing, ever blooming bush! Put it on your “list.”

  3. What a treat to “walk” thru your garden with you this morning. The colors are so vibrant. Loved the rain drops. Can’t pick a favorite plant but the Lantana is right up there. Love the delicate Lantern also. These colors are begging to be put into a quilt!!!!! Where were the doggies when you took the photos?

    • Oh, the dogs were right there, making the plants sway! Sophie almost made it into one of the pics! These colors do make it into my quilts! someone else said that, and it was the first time I had noticed that the colors in my garden are the same colors that I am attracted to in cloth. Which makes me ask the question “which came first?”

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