My New Kitchen

Oh my oh my. It starts again. J. the contractor was here today, and I signed the “official” contract. Demolition starts Thursday about 1/2 hour after I make my exit! I am weary of moving and cleaning and cleaning and moving. But the end is in sight. Just a few more things in the bathroom and kitchen to pack up and move.

This is my “new kitchen” for the next couple of months! Everything I need is in this one little cupboard. Now why was it that I thought I needed a bigger kitchen? As much as I did not want to do it, my new bedroom closet came in handy as a “pantry.” Because I had to have a place to keep those food items safely away from “inquiring minds.”


See that space on the bottom shelf? That’s for all the paper plates and bowls and plastic silverware that I am going to get at Costco. I am not planning to do a lot of outdoor dishwashing. I also have spent a lot of time this week baking my breakfast items and some proteins to put in the freezer. No oven for a while!

And just for laughs, here is my old kitchen on a day I had just cleaned it up. Usually every bit of counter space was covered with stuff, and I ALWAYS used my pull out cutting board as my work surface. I am keeping that cutting board–fond memories.


I am on my way to Sisters, Oregon for a quilting workshop with a great art quilter, and some time with my BF. I planned this trip a whole year ago, before we ever started any of the construction on my house. At that time, I thought I might like to move to Sisters, and so this vacation was going to be some extended time in Sisters to see if I really liked it. Now that I have changed everything about my little house, I don’t plan to leave it. The Sisters trip is just a way to get out of J.’s way and to avoid a little of the messiness.

So I will see you all in a couple of weeks. It will be fun to watch this process, and share it with you. I’m trying to just take it one decision at a time, and not stress too much about it. I am thankful that J. the contractor is so reliable and competent and CALM. And Noah likes him better than anybody else in the whole world!



15 thoughts on “My New Kitchen

  1. Ooh, a quilting workshop! (A little jealous here.) Your old kitchen is as tiny, and set up almost the same, as my apartment kitchen when I lived in Boise. You are so lucky to have a contractor that you can just leave to do the work! (Even more jealous now.) I have to hire a contractor right now to replace roof and siding etc after a monster hail storm, and I am very anxious about the whole process. Have fun in beautiful Oregon with your BF!

    • Yes, I feel VERY lucky to have found J. Plus, you reminded me, part of what he is going to do is re-roof the whole house. I don’t have to worry about finding a roof contractor!

      The teacher is Rosalie Dace–I really am looking forward to learning from her!

  2. After living with this kitchen for so long, your new kitchen will feel like a mansion! I swear I had the smallest kitchen in our one bedroom apartment when we first got married, but it might have been a smidge bigger than yours…and I only had to put up with it for one year!

    Enjoy your trip, enjoy your time with your bestie, and I hope you come home to a mostly-finished house. 🙂

    • I know. Its funny, when I look at the plans (esp. the cabinet/layout plans) I sometimes start to worry that there won’t be enough room. Silly!

      LOL. I can dream anyway (about the mostly-finished house.) Actually, I kinda like watching the process, so I’m okay with it taking a while.

  3. I can’t wait to see how your “real” new kitchen turns out! Perfect timing on that trip – I hope it’s better than you expect and that you come home refreshed and ready to deal with any leftover construction. Lots of good in your life lately Debby!

  4. I got a chuckle when I saw what you had held back as your “must haves” while the reconstruction was going on. It is amazing what we have that we really don’t need.

    RE moving…… I’ve never been to Texas to know what the scenery is like, but it would be hard to leave your lovely gardens behind. Oregon is a gorgeous place for the outdoors so I recommend a lot of sight seeing in addition your quilt class. Happy reunion with your BF. mm

    • I know–and most of that stuff I won’t need either. I told J. not to worry about hooking up the oven. So unless I get desperate, there won’t be any baking/cooking going on for a while!

      So, I’m a little confused. Do you think I live in Texas? I live in No. California. Its hot here, but not as hot as Texas. I’d have a hard time keeping some of these flowers going in Texas (I lived there for about 7 years.)

      I LOVE Oregon. I’ve wanted to move there ever since I was a kid. But I think now I”m content with just visiting it once in a while. My BF moved there over 10 years ago, so plenty of opportunity to visit.

  5. Hey – is that paint I spy on your temporary cabinet???

    I can see why you might want a new kitchen – I bet it will be a huge surprise when you get back!

    • Well, that is the cabinet that I was consulting about painting. I never did get it done, but I sure am glad I left it sitting empty in the house. It came in very handy! When all is done, I WILL get that cabinet painted!

  6. This is so exciting. You practically have a whole new house – something I bet you’ve been dreaming about since long before you retired. Can’t wait to see the new kitchen. Have fun in Oregon.

    • Actually, the only part I ever dreamed about was adding on the studio. I dreamed about that for probably 25 years! All the rest really is like a dream come true. And yes, by the time we are done, every bit of my house will have been re-done!

  7. Look forward to your new kitchen, I bet it will look great.

    When we were doing our kitchen and living room I cooked in the garage for 3 months. I had to go upstairs to get water to boil for dishwashing. When dinner was ready we would go back upstairs to eat it. In all these months I didn’t complain about it once but boy was I glad when the kitchen was ready.

    Have fun on your trip, sounds like you are going to have a lot of fun.

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