Some Fun


These are the short sunflowers:


All the posts are to help the “bush” beans in front of the sunflowers.

And a close-up:


They are so fluffy and pretty! And I grew them from seeds!

And the mammoth sunflowers. Really, does it count as a flower when it is so high you can barely see it? I think these must be over 9 feet tall!


I grew these from seed too! Do you know they only give you about 6 seeds in a packet? What’s up with that? So, of the seeds I planted, only 3 1/2 of them grew.


DSCN1886Kinda cool how the volunteer morning glory vine climbed up the sunflower stalk!

Look up, and have a lovely sunny week!


10 thoughts on “Some Fun

  1. It’s a one morning glory day on the sunflower trellis! LOL, just for me, yes? I love that shot. The short sunflowers are very fun, wish I had a sunny spot.
    I used to drive by a huge sunflower field occasionally. Traveling from east to west I was faced with a breathtaking view of a gazillion sunflowers on my way there in the morning, and they turned to face me on the way home again.

  2. GMTA – I put those pink morning glories and some sunflowers on my blog so you could see them lol. I’m always amazed at how tall sunflowers can get if they’re allowed to! You have a pretty nice view.

  3. Are those teddybear sunflowers? I grew those a couple years ago and just love them, but so do the squirrels and the blooms didn’t last long LOL

  4. I love sunflowers! They represent summer for me. I will look up this week but there will be no sun, in fact it’s so cold, it feels like Autumn and it’s only August!

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