Got up bright and early for the final leg of the journey home. I was about 5 hours from home, and I was focused on GETTING HOME.

Of course, I had to make my normal stop for fresh fruits and veggies. I weighed all my options, and decided to stop at a huge farm stand on a busy highway about 40 miles from home.



Apparently, I made the wrong decision.

The good news is that neither I nor the people in the other car were hurt at all. It could have been a devastating accident, as the speed limit along there is 60 MPH (hello county, perhaps people should have to slow down when they are going by this huge, major tourist attraction?) and there were tons of cars on the road and in the parking area.

We were able to pull that dangling bit of bumper off, and I went and tearfully asked for a piece of rope at the farm stand, tied the rest of the bumper securely, and drove on home.

Ahhh, home. Oh my oh my. I knew what I was coming home to, but still. Its the practical logistics of it. No running water inside the house (except that toilet there. Which, believe me, I am very grateful for.)

This is the view from my living room, looking into the dining room (most of my beautiful coral red walls are gone) and beyond that, what will be the bathroom and the laundry room.


A closer view. See that triangle above the window? Yeah, that’s open to  the great outdoors. J. the contractor said he hadn’t seen any bats flying in yet. Very funny.


Just a view of the wall that will mostly be taken down. The door there has never been used since I’ve lived here. There was always a refrigerator in front of it! The entrance to the kitchen will be approximately where the window with the air conditioner is.


Just a view of the studio wall–I lost my back door there, as that will be a shared wall with the kitchen. That was actually my idea, as it will give me more working room in the studio. We will be able to use that same door for the back door of the kitchen!


J. the contractor’s outdoor work area. Yes, that is my stove sitting out there.


Where the kitchen will go. J. took the old siding off this wall, revealing this even older siding!. I think this was the original little cabin, and then they added the living room onto it.


Another view of the foundation. This is where my nice deck was…also gone. J. the contractor did a TON of other stuff that doesn’t show, like shoring up a weak spot in the dining room foundation, plumbing, electrical, and stuff I don’t know or don’t understand.


The permits finally came through this past Thursday, so the first inspection is scheduled for Tuesday. And then cement…

Its only been two days, but already I am learning how to best live this way. Like, don’t buy fruits and veggies that require a ton of chopping (hello apples and corn on the cob, my new best friends : ) ) Oh, and I picked up a 99 cent bottle of hand sanitizer at the store–Yeah! much better than the wipes I had on my list. Oh, and do I hear you asking, “but where are you going to shower, Debby?”

Hah! Here is my fine construction work to make a semi-private showering place. I’ve always had hot and cold water connections out there–very handy for washing the doggies. Actually, I think this was originally built as an outdoor shower before I moved in here. Those fiberglass pieces are originally from the covered deck, and then I re-purposed them as the rabbitry roof. MLG just recently took down that old rabbitry, and guess what? These pieces came in very handy for my outdoor shower. I was so tired after fixing this the day I came home, that I didn’t even clean the outside of them off. I was quite proud of how I rigged up my old shower curtain!


I’ll be back later in the week to tell about some of the fun stuff that happened on vacation.

14 thoughts on “Re-Entry

    • That made me laugh! I actually hadn’t thought of that. My focus was on how close it was to the bedroom, and also which way the door would open into the bathroom… “as I get older” is already here 🙂

  1. Geez, I wasn’t far off when I said you’d share the “kids” bathroom, but it’s their bathing space! Sooo sorry about your car. :[ Isn’t it funny how you can be having the best vacation but once you start home it’s time to BE HOME?

  2. Hope your car does better than mine ,some old man wrote it of last week ,my baby I had her from new not worth much only to me.
    Be great to see your house when it’s all done glad you had a good time away.

  3. Again, I’m sorry about your accident! After all that driving, what a thing to happen so close to home. Very glad you all were not hurt.

    I think your way of living at the moment would be considered roughing it. Fingers crossed no critters discover that opening and come inside to visit you! Hopefully this will get going fast once the inspection is done on Tuesday.

  4. OUCH to your accident!! Hope you were off of the road when it happened. Those farm stands are sooooo alluring. I cannot pass one without stopping. Hope you still got an armload of fresh things. Re your house….had to laugh at your shower stall…..plen air. When the walls start to go up you will forget this mess. Cant wait to see the progress as it happens. Also, want to see photos of you trip. mickie

  5. I’m so sorry about your car but glad to hear you and the other party weren’t injured. I loved your outdoor shower. Sounds lovely to be outside.

  6. Thank goodness you are okay! Sorry about your truck.

    I love your outdoor shower. That is pretty awesome! And what a big spacious house you have when there are no walls…

  7. Before I even got over here, the photo that showed up in my blog reader feed was the accident and my immediate thought was that I hope it isn’t Debby’s car! I am so sorry but very glad you weren’t hurt.

    Now that I see all of this “re” construction, I’m thinking no wonder you don’t want to move to Oregon! Can’t wait to hear about some of your adventures.

  8. So glad you are okay although damage on a car isn’t nice.

    Debby your house is going to be so nice when all is finished. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  9. Man! What a bummer about your car! So glad no one was hurt.

    An outdoor shower sounds awesome to me. I’m sure it will get old after a while, but I really think it sounds like fun! 🙂 I love seeing all these updates to your remodel – I hope your stress level is staying low throughout all of it! 🙂

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