Decision Overload

Thank goodness I already went through this back when the studio was built. Otherwise I would be wondering what was wrong with me. TOO MANY DECISIONS!! That’s what’s wrong with me. Having the car accident on top of this construction, and then adding in a minor family issue has put me on decision overload. I’m tired all the time, although it seems like I don’t do that much. I have trouble getting into the studio to create, and I haven’t gone to the gym or done any exercise for a while. I can’t remember the name of the book, but Cammy reviewed it, and I read the sample. It was about how a human can only make so many decisions before they are overloaded. So I guess going to the gym and making quilts are the decisions that are losing out right now. All the others, one by one, I seem to be able to make. Since I arrived home two weeks ago, here’s what’s happened:

One day I heard a very loud noise right outside the studio window. The cement truck had arrived! Can you believe a cement truck was able to angle itself between the house and the tree without knocking anything over?


It was interesting watching J. the contractor and his helper direct that cement into the forms for the foundation.


Over the next couple of days, a floor was put in place and walls went up! That corner structure is the little pantry. There was a bit of discussion about how small the door needed to be. If I didn’t mind it not being quite a 45 degree angle, the door could be 2 inches wider. Yes please!


And then one day a roofline appeared


I came home one day to see siding and a window!


Oh, and this was one of my favorite things–a nice little sidewalk! There will be a very small deck there out the back door of the kitchen (where the ladders are,) and eventually we will turn that little structure (that I used to call the laundry dungeon) into a dog washing/wet studio (where I can dye fabric inside if I want to.)


And in between all of that, I was on the phone with various and sundry people. Looking at cars online, and making more decisions. The insurance company “totaled” my car, so I had to decide whether to buy it back or take their offer. Both my brother and my mechanic said “take the money and run.” So I got this car from the “bargain department” at my local used car lot.


Oh! And in between all of that? I snuck out of town for a couple of days to visit my mom, and to visit my friend, famous blogger Shelley! We have been able to meet so often because of our mutual Texas/California connections that we are more like IRL friends than blogging friends!


Of course, you know our visit had to include yarn store and quilt store shopping!

Other decisions I’ve been able to make: bathtub chosen, tile for bathtub and shower surround chosen, bathroom faucets purchased, kitchen faucet chosen, backsplash material bookmarked, cabinet maker chosen and cabinet plan in place, deposit put down on new appliances, kitchen floor material being seriously considered (vinyl tiles,) and paint colors kinda sorta decided on…

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print here in the forest. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I am thoroughly enjoying two whole days without any hammering or sawing or other loud unidentifiable noises! I even DECIDED to go to the gym for a nice long swim, and sat down long enough in the studio to make a simple baby quilt!


8 thoughts on “Decision Overload

  1. I would love to know the title of the book with the statement about decisions and overload. I think if I could read it and then write it down, it would help me to be kinder to myself. I enjoy your postings and would like to see more of your quilting – like the baby quilt you made. Thanks.

    • Hi Mary, I can’t remember the title of the book, and I’ve searched my and Cammy’s blog. Hoping Cammy will peak in here and give us a hint!

      I write more about my quilting over on my quilting blog–

  2. Whoa! Dems a LOT of decisions. I went into overload after having to just select colors for siding, trim, shutters and shingles. (Due to recent “one hail of a storm”.) I guess after having got that load off your brain you were able to handle the swim decision. Hang in there Debby! It’s exciting to watch the progress on your place.

    • You know, I think the paint colors were the most stressful thing I went through! So many choices, yet none of them is “exactly” right. Thankfully, I went through most of that with the studio addition. Sorry you had to have all that done just because of a storm. That really must have been some hail!

  3. Serioulsy – I am jealous how many times you get to meet Shelley! And everyone else… sniff

    You have so many decisions to make and what an enormous renovation project. Wow. I can’t wait to see how it comes out!

  4. Your new car reminds me of a Storm Trooper helmet which the nerd in me finds very cool!! 🙂
    Your cabin is going to look so great when you get it all finished!! Can’t wait to see the final results. 🙂

  5. I’m with Lori, I want to meet Shelley, you, Helen and Lori.

    Making too many decisions at a time doesn’t work for me either. I usually make a list of things I have to do/decide and cross it off once it’s done. Works every time.

    Your cabin will look so great once it’s finished.

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