A book I’ve been enjoying lately says gratitude is good for the soul.

I stood in my little mudroom and looked out at the late summer garden and saw it with different eyes. So many times I am just looking closely (and critically) at things–this weed here, that dead branch there, the dead flower heads that need to come off. But this day I marveled that in two years I am blessed with such a garden.


Petunias are the best. And free petunias are better than best! Most of the petunias that are still blooming are free ones that hybridized and self-seeded from last years garden. This bi-color one just now showed up!


And this one? I brought back some pretty petunias from Cambria. They went from that cool seaside climate to over 100 degree dry heat here. Needless to say, they did not fare well. I came back from my two weeks in Sisters to see some unknown plants coming up. I thought they were probably weeds, but decided to give them a chance. They were the offspring of those Cambria petunias!! I’ve never seen such a thing.


And from that book, Soul Keeping, by John Ortberg, here is a beautiful collection of words.

We all have two worlds, an outer world that is visible and public and obvious, and an inner world that may be chaotic and dark or may be gloriously beautiful. In the end, the outer world fades. We are left with the inner world. It is what we will take with us. I am an unceasing spiritual being with an eternal destiny in God’s glorious universe.



13 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. I’m always grateful for you and Lori sharing your beautiful flowers, since I have no sun in my yard. In fact, I am thinking of using the pinks, corals, yellows and lime green from the photo at the top of your blog in a future quilt.

    Cambria! That’s another kick to the memory. My ex-whatever-he-was (grin) and I spent a wonderful vacation there back in the 80’s.

    • Ooh, when you make that quilt, must see! I have had that in the back of my mind for a long time. Maybe this winter will be the time I make my lantana quilt!

      Yes, Cambria is a wonderful place to vacation. So glad they have rug camp there!

  2. I couldn’t agree more on this post. Since I joined the facebook photo groups 365 days in Nature and photo a day I pay so much more attention to the things around me. My hub says I see things (like a rabbit in the distance) that he never sees. Where I used to think the area where I live is boring (still is sometimes) I have started to appreciate it more and more just by looking around me.

  3. BEautiful garden! I always appreciate the garden, even when there are weeds because the bed is fertile enough to grow anything 😀

  4. Oh! The photos are so beautiful and and your commentary is so beautifully write. Plus I love john ortbergs writings.
    Thank you,

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