Life Simplified

You know, this “simple life” is not really so bad! I don’t think I’ll ever go as far as this woman did, but my current life is not really so bad. Of course, I realize that it is pretty easy because I am retired. On the other hand, like that woman, if you are willing to live simply, maybe you could retire too!

Anyway, here are some of the advantages of the simpler life. It doesn’t take long to clean, because there aren’t very many rooms left to clean! I keep the studio door closed and my bedroom door closed. The dogs only go in those rooms when I am in there. What’s left is ONE ROOM that needs to be cleaned! Wheee!!! A quick sweep every morning, dust once a week (or so) and keep the clutter picked up.

I have a stove that is hooked up, and I’ve used it a bit to cook, but remembering that I have to wash whatever I mess up keeps my cooking in check. I’ve made a couple of batches of soup, some of my fav ham and cheese muffins, some “leftovers fried rice,” and one protein pancake. Otherwise I eat from my freezer and refrigerator. Oh, and I know a lot of you will be interested in this: I learned that you can cook beets in the microwave! Yeah!!

Of course, no matter how much I simplify, there will always be dirty dishes. Here is my handy dandy blue bucket. I can never get more dishes dirty than will fit in this bucket. Carry them out in the morning to the outdoor shower and kitchen sink, wash them, put them in the drainer to dry, and then bring them back in the house via the bucket in the afternoon. Of course, yesterday the rain put a LITTLE glitch in this system…


And, a phrase a friend of mine used–“where all the magic happens.”



This table is my one food prep area. That cloth there gets pretty messy, but that’s okay. Its folded, so there are at least four sides I can use before it has to go in the laundry basket. Simplify, people! When I need to chop some veggies or fruit, I use a paper plate. The tomatoes are there from yesterday’s pickings. They need to ripen for a day or so, and then are destined for another batch of that excellent roasted tomato basil soup.

Oh, and the laundry? Yes, it is a pain in the butt to put it in the car and go to the laundromat. On the other hand, I think twice before I throw my clothes in the laundry basket–“I think I can get one more day out of those jeans.” And when I do finally go, it is kind of fun to do four loads of laundry all at one time, instead of spreading it out over the course of a day.

Of course, this whole simple life thing is a temporary situation. Construction continues–lots of stuff I can’t even see–electric and plumbing–and eventually life will be different. I hope I take some of the lessons I’ve learned about simplifying back to that “normal” life.

9 thoughts on “Life Simplified

  1. You’ve got quite the system going there! I admire you for cooking at all; I’d be all take out and freezer and disposable everything! Love your little cooking station and that you are still making the magic happen. 😉

    There is something to be said for simplifying. Paring down everything, from junk to dishes to clothing can make life so much easier. I’m trying to not bring in as much stuff as I used to; even though I still want ALL THE THINGS, I am wanting less to find a place for them.

  2. I wonder if it’s an aging thing that makes one value simplicity? I have been contemplating how much “stuff” I have and have begun paring down – and that includes my pantry. I have always been one to buy lots of items in bulk just because the bargain was there. Over this summer (and continuing forward) I have been letting the excess go by using it and not replenishing it. Now to apply that to the rest of the house!

    • Oh yes. I go through periods where I buy in bulk to ‘save’ money. And then I do the same thing–no more buying food until I eat what I have.

      Also, going through getting rid of all the “treasures” my dad and his wife collected over the years. I’m trying not to do that. Very hard though.

      • Funny I used to do that too but ended up throwing more stuff away than eat it. I still do it but only for things like toilet paper or things I really use a lot. If for example fresh milk is for sale I don’t buy more than I need otherwise I throw it in the trash when it’s overdue.

  3. Oh yeah, I’m real excited about those beets! 🙂

    I’m always amazed when I go on a longer road trip and am able to survive well on just what I have with me. It always makes me question why I have 2000 sq ft of stuff. LOL

    • Ya, I included that tidbit just for you 🙂

      I know, you know, like these people who live in an RV… I’m starting to question this whole construction/addition I’m doing!

  4. I wish my life were a little simpler now. It’s so complicated and chaotic! Makes me appreciate so much how I had it before working at home and with only 1 house LOL. It will become simpler soon, hopefully. And I will make sure to appreciate it fully.

  5. Love this although the woman from the link is living a very simple life, bit too simple for me. But I do think life can be simpler. I’m still thinking about how I can make the cleaning of my house more simple with less time spending on it.

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