Celebration and Reminder

Do you know its been almost 10 years since I started this weight loss journey? I’ll probably have more to write about that in the next few months. But for now I wanted to share something related to that.

A lot of people I know who have lost a significant amount of weight have gotten themselves a reward for that. Reward is probably not the right word. Its more of a celebration, a marker to remember a significant event in their lives. When I lost 100 pounds (now 8 years ago!) I planned to get something or other to mark that event. The thing was, I just couldn’t decide what to get.

I drive up and down Interstate 5 between my house and Oregon at least once a year (my BF lives in Oregon, and I enjoy going to Sisters also.) On my way, one of my favorite places to stop is The Websters in Ashland. They are a wonderful knitting and spinning shop, and also have wonderful handmade clothing and jewelry. I saw a necklace there, and thought that might be the thing to get. But it was expensive. I wasn’t sure I liked it that much. So I kept thinking about it. Year after year, trip after trip, I just thought about it. Sometimes I had regained a bit of weight, and thought I needed to wait until I was back to the 100 pound marker. So much time had passed that I thought it was a little silly to get anything at all.

Then one year in Sisters, I went into a jewelry store. They had the same necklace. But I still couldn’t decide…

The next year I went back to Sisters (this past summer) determined to make a decision, and finally get my 100 pound celebration! Well, I looked at the necklace again. My BF made me take it out and try it on. It looked dull next to my skin! So that was that. While my friend shopped a little more, I just browsed all the jewelry I knew I couldn’t afford. I saw a bracelet that I really loved–it was similar to one I had seen on one of the last trips I took my dad on–it was a good memory. Surprisingly, it was not any more expensive than that necklace I had been considering. Again, my friend made me take it out and try it on. Oh, and it did look good on my wrist! So there it was. This would be my 100 pound celebration bracelet–a few years and a few pounds late, but still a celebration.


I’ve been having some stressful days and nights with the construction/decisions etc. Sometimes I even feel sorry for myself. Ha! Did you know self-pity can lead to over-eating? Anyway, I decided that instead of keeping that bracelet for special occasions, I would wear it every day, as a reminder of what my life is really about. For the most part, it seems to be working. Most of the time I stick with my low fat tasty food options, and I’ve been going to the gym quite regularly, and walking Noah in between. When I eat something unplanned or a little more calorie-laden, I enjoy the deliciousness. I don’t beat myself up for not being perfect. I remember that I am in this for the duration. The bracelet is a reminder that even when I am not “perfect,” the healthy life I’ve chosen is a worthy investment of my time and energy.

Requested picture added:

Stones are larimar, blue topaz, and agate.

Stones are larimar, blue topaz, and agate.

14 thoughts on “Celebration and Reminder

  1. Oooooooh, it’s lovely! Good choice. And it sounds like it is serving as more than a reward helping to keep you on track during the current chaos. You seem as if you may be like me in that my best budgetary tool is procrastination.

  2. I’m glad you are wearing the bracelet often, as it is just so beautiful (having seen it in person, I have to say that pictures do not do it justice – it is breathtaking!), and what a wonderful reminder of not only your huge initial success with weight loss, but your continued perseverance with keeping the weight off.

  3. The bracelet is so pretty! I would love to see a picture of it laying flat so we could see
    all of the stones. Congrats as always on your continued success.

  4. Thank you so much for being real. I’m working to get to my 75 pound mark and was derailed a bit by a move to a new home this summer. I’m back in my routine and losing again. You are right. It’s a journey. Thanks again!

  5. Lovely bracelet and smart to wear it everyday to remind you. But other than that it would be a waste to keep something so beautiful in your closet and not often wear it.

  6. What a beautiful bracelet!! I absolutely think you deserve a celebration present for all that you have accomplished and not just for weight loss, either. You have done some pretty amazing things and you deserve every bit of good things that come your way. 🙂

  7. Happy almost 10! I love the bracelet, but mostly because you bought it for yourself and for such a personal reason. I really should wear the watch I bought myself at goal for that same reason. I can use a good reminder right about now.

  8. Yes, wear it every day as a reminder of your journey! I know in my case the journey has never ended. I keep getting stuck on the same detour, so a reminder of successful behavior that resulted in such big change is a very good thing!

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