Decision by Decision, a House is Built

Long time readers will know that making decisions is not my strong suit. I knew going into this construction/renovation project that this would just be a part of it, and that I would indeed have a lot of decisions to make. Its been a good exercise for me. Its required a lot of looking and learning. Learning some stuff I didn’t really want to learn. Like what is a bullnose tile? Now I know. Like grout comes in many colors. Really? Is that REALLY necessary??? At first I refused to make that decision–“just get white” I told J. the contractor. And then I looked. And now I have “French vanilla” grout. I chose the kitchen floor tile, and four different kinds of tile for the bathroom (that doesn’t include the edge tiles or the bullnose tiles 🙂 ) I have chosen light fixtures, paint colors, cabinet wood, cabinet style, oh, and then hardware for the cabinets. I have had adventures choosing the kitchen sink. The bathroom sink was a cinch.

Today I went and chose the granite for the countertops. gulp. That one made me a little nervous. I’ve been to the granite place three times. Its a huge warehouse, and of course they have the display pieces up, but then to choose the actual piece you want, you have to let them flip through the slabs of granite and peer at them sideways, and then run back and forth between stacks in the warehouse, and then finally say, “Okay, these two.” And the granite I settled on is called Delicata Cream. And I still wonder if I chose that one because I love Delicata squash?!

Who knew that shower doors were so expensive? For some reason, I thought they would cost about the same as the closet doors we buy at Lowes–$60. Hahahahahah. Well, I saved money on the kitchen sink and the bathroom tile. And today, unbelievably, the granite countertops were $2000 LESS than I had estimated. So I guess I can spend a few of my remaining dollars on a shower door.

I celebrated the granite decision with a lunch/dinner at Chevy’s.  At 3pm, I was just about the only one in the restaurant. The salad I got was so pretty, I had to take a picture of it.


It tasted every bit as good as it looked. The waitress suggested using their salsa as a salad dressing. What a brilliant idea!

Tomorrow the sheet rock begins. And then I guess all the finishing stuff will be done in a week? To me, it doesn’t seem possible. But all the inside stuff (plumbing, electrical, etc. [etc. meaning stuff I don’t even know about]) has taken almost 2 months. So it doesn’t seem possible that the part that I am most interested in will take only one week.

Here’s what it still looks like tonight:



Since the sheet rock work is irritatingly noisy, and it also involves my one bathroom being unavailable to me, I decided (with the encouragement of good friends,) to take a little trip. Now that I’ve decided to do that, I am excited about it. I am going to Lake Tahoe, and am considering it a spiritual/creative retreat. I’m all packed and ready to leave in the morning. Mr. Noah is already at his “camp,” and the little dogs are enjoying one last snooze in the house. Of course, its not a whole lot different in their “dog house,” what with their piles of doggie beds and a wall heater. They particularly like it when I buy them a new bed, which I do fairly frequently–they are such a bargain at Home Goods.



Oh, and look what I got? Ever since I wrote on here about not being able to exercise enough, I’ve made a concerted effort to do my exercise more consistently. And I finally ordered a yoga mat so that I wouldn’t have to do my P.T. exercises on the hardwood floor.


Well, I guess that is enough for tonight. I have a crockpot full of Lori’s Potato Chowder cooking. I had the idea of taking some with me on my little retreat. That way I won’t need to eat out quite as much.

17 thoughts on “Decision by Decision, a House is Built

  1. Having been privileged to be part of your decision-making process, I have to say that you’ve done a great job with considering everything (and there has been A LOT to consider). I think I would have reached the “eff it, just go with white” conclusion at the point when you were still looking at all of your options. I love what you chose and can’t wait to see how it all comes together (haha, like YOU can??). And yes, I was right there about the “why do I need to know about flanges and things” when I did our bathroom. It’s kind of like algebra, I guess…someday we might need it?

    Love that shot of the nervous little dog with her minion. I need to come visit you one of these days and bond with the Queen. (watch her not like me, hah!)

    Enjoy your retreat!

    • Yes, I really meant to include a big THANK YOU to you for helping with the decision making. That kept me from being stuck. I was so tired when I wrote it last night, couldn’t figure out how to fit that in, and thought, ‘I’ll include that in the next post. Anyway, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

      LOL, yes, I had to include the nervous shot of Sophie, because that is how she looks a lot of the time. Oh, that would be fun to see you and Sophie together.

  2. The whole time I am reading this I’m feeling quite the sense of empathy with you as I feel so intimidated with this sort of thing and always feel my final decision will be wrong. Not to mention that I have absolutely NO sense of style when it comes to home and decorating. I also had a chuckle thinking that Lori loves this sort of thing and thinks it’s fun!

    It has been quite exciting to see your progress, more so because I guess I didn’t realize you intended on practically rebuilding your entire house. You really are going to end up with a custom home.

    Have fun on your retreat!

    • I KNOW–Lori LIKES it! Well, I like some of it, you know, picking out colors and stuff. And lamps. For some reason I like lamps.

      I never thought of it, but that’s a good way to put it. I went from living in a “hunt cabin” (that’s what my neighbor called it) to a custom home! Now…if I could just customize the neighbors :))

  3. Congratulations on making all those decisions! It is not easy and I am sure you are glad you have gotten through that rough part. Enjoy your retreat – won’t it be exciting to come home to a ‘new’ place??!!

    • Well, it won’t be finished when I get home, but cabinets and countertops are all scheduled! The thing I am most excited about right now is the washer and dryer might be hooked up when I come home!

  4. OMG…didn’t know the whole house was being remodeled. YOU WILL BE HAPPY WHEN YOU GET BACK. When the walls are closed in and you can get a feel for the place, it will be wonderful. Those doggies look completely content with what is going on around them.
    A spiritual retreat in Tahoe—what a BIG TREAT. Just being in the fall colored mountains and around the lake will be awesome, you will forget what you left at home. Your friends who recommended this should be given a great big hug!!! Take photos. mickie

  5. When all of your renovations are finished, your mind will be so free you won’t know what to do! I love how your little house is shaping up – I can’t wait to see it in all it’s finished glory! 🙂

  6. Well, yeah – I kind of know what you feel like LOL! That stuff before the drywall takes *forever* and is the least fun part. Once drywall goes up – stuff speeds along (or is supposed to.).

    And what is it about things costing crazy amounts of money? Like my bath faucet? WHY???? is is a couple hundred dollars? Can’t we just pay $60 for each thing we want and call it a day?

    I hope you enjoy your trip! I can’t wait to see the progress when you get back. And there hopefully will be some LOTV on your doorstep for you 😀

  7. I can’t wait to see the total reveal and sounds like it may be sooner rather than later. But I like hearing about your travels too,so have a good time and tell us all about it.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing what you did after you picked the granite. Those are the times I find “trying” in terms of food. I would have thought I needed a pizza and Coke to handle the stress of choices and to “reward” myself. Changing patterns so difficult! Even when I WANT to make good choices the “patterns” I’ve established are hard to redirect. Thanks again for sharing!

  9. I make decisions easily but I don’t have patience to look at paint colors or tiles. I usually let R. select a few of which we can choose from. It’s been so much fun seeing all the renovations of your house on your blog. I can’t wait to see the final result.

  10. Years ago …um, decades ago, I did a complete re-do of my bathroom. I found these beautiful shower doors that were made with an all over fern pattern in the glass … not frosted or etched, but somehow molded right in. I fell in love. Alas, un-realized love. Can’t remember the cost now but it was enough to take my breath away and plain glass doors from the H.D. is what I bought and what I have today.

    You are doing MAHvelously on the decisions dahling. Can’t wait to see it all done. Hope you’re having fun in Tahoe.

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